Sidechain Compressing Solution/tutorial

hellou bois,

i’ve finally found a way to have real sidechain compression.

but ofcourse with the need of some extra vst plugins.

what we need for some funkey sidechaining are:

Kjaerhus Audio GUP-1 Compressor
Subminimal’s Senderella Plugin
The EnergyXT Effect Plugin

ok here we go.

load senderella onto the channel which will be ducking our sound material
(for exsample a Kick Drum, like KickBass in the picture below).

(note: ducking means that the kick drum will be used to fade the global music volume
in and out whenever the kick drum is playing. the well-known Call On Me Effect)

load energyXTE into the master channel.

in energyXTE load Kjaerhus Audio GUP-1 Compressor and senderella.

connect MasterIn Out Channel to GUP’s In Channel 1

connect Senderella’s Out Channel to GUP’s In Channel 2

then connect GUP’s Out Channel to Masterout’s In Channel.

here’s a picture how it should look like:

open energyXTE’s editor.
in there, open the GUP plugin and turn on SideChain compression.
turn off AutoGain as it will fire up the volume too much.

here’s a pic how it should be done:

if all is set, you can tweak gup as you wish.
my settings sound nice with house/trance music with a soft basskick :)

the bad part about this solution is that you’ll have to purchase GUP-1
and energyXTE plugins if you want to save and work with it more often.

here’s my energyXTE sidechain preset:

tEiS’ EnergyXTE SideChain Preset

have fun while ur at it :)

any critics/recommendations appreciated!

What a great tutorial!!!

Would it be possible for me to put this up on my music production site if I give you the credit??

And now a tutorial using the donateware SideKick plugin:
And then you have three methods to perform sidechaining.

the problem with this solution is that renoise is not saving routings or
that the routings get lost somewhere. i’ve tested this plugin and always
had to route the plugins again and again and again …

You’re right, the settings are saved but the plug doesn’t like them to be assigned on load time.
That’s why the plug is RC (so this is a bug of the plug).
I’m going to test the static buffer trigger as well and see what happens if i use different channels.

good stuff teis! :D

The SideKick doesn’t behave steady in rare occassions as it seems. I had one time when loading up the song didn’t initialised the parameters properly but i can’t reproduce it for a second time.

Vincent this has been reported to the author by me:…ic=8855&hl=

very nice tutorial teis!

Here’s some more about sidechaining, using xt inside Renoise…amp;#entry47481

Not real sidechaining, but still interesting, a Dynamic EQ, which can produce similar effects like sidechaining. Haven’t tested it myself yet, will do so later.


On the topic of sidechaining:

As was pointed out to me by a dnb producer, sidechaining was mostly a measure used in the days of hardware, before automation was available on everything. What he didn’t point out was how you trigger your compressor using automation, but I suppose that he just meant you automate volume control instead. Presumably a compressor would result in quicker volume changes than renoise’s automation resolution would allow, though? I’ll have to experiment.

Automation resolution in NE is a bit improved (in terms of ticks are applied in the curves as well, though you can’t set automation points in tick ratios though)

Could someone please send me the Senderella plugin to my e-mail: The subminimal website seems to be down and I can’t find it anywhere.

Im happy with TC Sidechainer. Easy and powerfull.

Not free though…

Thanks a lot for all tutorials.

Sidechaining was originally used for applications like ducking music under vocals on radio station broadcasts… it’s also used to tighten the sound of rock records by ducking certain drum elements under guitar leads and such… automation isn’t replacement for sidechaining simply because it would take forever to automate ducking in certain instances. The entire point of sidechaining is that it’s automatic and you don’t have to worry about where the curve goes, because it goes where you want it to based on the sounds in the other channels. It can be used for so many things that are outside the “duck bass to kick” paradigm, that I seriously have to wonder how people get stuck on that. And yes, Renoise’s automation resolution is too low for fast changes :P

sick have to test this out compared to sidekick


See these vV and ModuLR’s posts. :D…st&p=106406

Yo mate.

Load the Compressor/DeEsser onto the track you want to duck (bass maybe)

Put the Sidechainer Plug on the track you want to use as a trigger (kick maybe)

In the compressor/deesser, select the input and then adjust the compression settings.

Job done!

PM me if you need any more help big guy.