Sinewave Experiment

hi lovely renoisers !

first of all, sorry for my bad english ;)

ive started a little experiment some weeks ago. the idea is to startup each song with only one sinewave sample and generate all other sounds out of it by using renoise internal effects and render selection to sample, cut the new samples, generate chip sounds out of them, combine them and all that stuff. so its all about sound design and renoise is my only instrument.

after some days i had my first tune ready and posted the result on a german breaks forum to show them what is possible if you start up with only one sinewave sample. the reaction was that someone on the forum called me a liar and he said that this was never ever done out of a sinewave! the guy studies audio engineering ![:)](upload://yGrKuhdxbbf2nIFvV2XDJuEFQb7.gif) ive tryed to explain how some sounds were done, it`s mostly impossible to explain accurately how most of the sounds were
generated as so many resampling and effect processing was done to make them. i think 50% generated by accident.
and of course, i am still a liar .

so i like to post this tune here and i think for the most of you that`s nothing special.
maybe someone is in the game and give this idea a try. would be nice to hear what other ppl can do :)


ive postet a little tutorial "how to create a snaredrum out of a sinewave" and im still waiting what he will answer.

if he still dont belief i will post this one as my ultimate weapon, but as he is not a renoise user i think he will ignore it! so... im a liar for the rest of my life :(


this was done without resampling, there is only a sinewave.
i did this today because it`s impossible to create a snare out of a sinewave :D

Renoise ftw !!!111

thx to BotB for the ultimate sinewave which i`ve used :D

It looks like you did a fine job…
If you could make a longer version, it would probably make another fine demo song for the Linux version…
Though i think you will have to submit this to mr. Ron Indamixx personally.

Btw:neat gating trick…


seriously, this song fucking rocks, it deserves more of itself :D

Maybe you could point him to this thread as well, although obviously using sign wave but making a small section of noise with the pencil tool then using effects to expand it.

As you look like just an occasional poster guess you may of missed that thread.

Great tune!!!
Of cause one can design every kind of sounds out of a sine wave. That guy has a long way to go if he is studying audio engineering… :P

funky kasmo!

son of mr mark dollin? :)

very neat work!
i might give this a try, but i’m well impressed with your effort…
i might just be a little too lazy!!!

I guess if you really wanted to prove your point to him, you could do a screen capture video of your entire session, using CamStudio or something similar, showing the whole process from beginning to end. There’d be no way he could dispute it then.

Of course, usually it’s not worth wasting time to prove your point to some stubborn asshole on a forum :)

Impressive work, by the way.

first of all, thanks for the nice comments :)

@vV :

i can make a longer version, would be nice to use this as a demosong, how can i
contact him exactly ?

@kazakore :

yes i missed this one! very nice. but my goal was to creat everthing out of a sine to
show this guy that it is possible. i read alot on the renoise forum. writing something took me
a lot of time because my english isnt very good ![:D]( reading and understanding isnt the problem.


that was exactly what i thought :D

@happy milkshake man:

i dont know my dad, so its possible maybe lol.

i have to check this quote stuff next time :)

awesome work! you are a brilliant nerd :)

You can try through the generic page, as far as i observed his ways it looks like Ron is doing all of the PR and stuff of himself so probably might answer these in person as well. That is however not a guarantee :)…-questions.html

nice job
Don’t we all jsut love sine waves …they are everywhere …everywhere I tell you …Aaaarghhhhhh

you mean additive synthesis is in you head ? :D

I really love doing this sort of stuff , you should start a thread in the comp forum .

I thought your first tune was amazing and found looking at the xrns for the second interesting .

We did a simalar thing here , using just a rubbish beat box sample .

This is seriously motivating in keeping most if not everything inside Renoise + working with only a single cycle wave. Thanks ;)

spot ON :walkman:

you mean you like to look into the first tune ? well, i can post this if you like. i think there is nothing special
to see, but a lot of render selections ;)

edit: oh i think i`ve understand this in a wrong way

Heck. This rocks!

Could we steal some of the chains and add them to Renoises default device chain arsenal?
Or even add this as a “Meta Device Tutorial” to the default Renoise installation?