[solved] I Can't Gey My Loopproject.com Xrni Instruments To Work..

Asked about this a while ago and got alot of feedback but never managed to fix this problem.

I download it but it doesn’t look like my other instruments its one of those .zip files i extract it but then it doesn’t work

i’m really lost what do i do?

I think you’re in fact downloading an .xrni fil ewhich is a renoise instrument. What might confuse you (or your browser) is the fact that xrni is just a zip file containing samples + meta data.

What happens if you just save the xrni on your computer and load it (as instrument) in renoise?

Perhaps it would have been better for you to simply bump your previous thread, where new readers (and people who might reply) can see the previous suggestions. Otherwise you might get a lot of repeated information here.

Anyway, at this point, I think you better provide us with one of the instruments in question. Just give a link to where you downloaded it. Then we can take a look at this weird problem :)

When I have the DiskOp in sample mode, the .xrni files do actually appear, but they’re displayed below any .wav files that are in the same directory. Even when I attempt to load the instrument via sample mode, it does in fact load correctly and has the correct key mappings and settings. Quite odd!

sorry, yeah its just this seemed more like a technical issue… maybe i’ll boompage it now…

Haha, that’s funny, because I made the exact same suggestion in another thread not long ago. I just remembered it a few moments ago, and was on my way here to suggest it. :)

I’m getting slow in my old age!

cheers did the trick! i can now use my steinway grandpiano :D