SO renoise 2.5 beta’s had the stutter effect which dissappaered when 2.5 went gold …reason was b’cause developer KRAKEN/GORE wasn’t satisfied with the final result …we all respected that decision .
But if I remember correctly , he said that it would return in 2.6 …So what’s the story ?Where is ou beloved stutter ?


from what i know you can still use the stutter device in ver 2,6
you just need to copy-paste the device "code"into renoise(can be found on the forum somewhere)

dont know but maybe the drumprocessor tool is the new stutter??

You can still load the stutter device from Renoise browser from “Renoise 2.6.0\DSP Chains\Deprecated” directory.

Is it not still in the Depreciated section of DSPs in File Browser?

Although there were actually a fair few versions of the Stutter device throughout 2.5 beta testing wasn’t there?

I think he’s refering not to the old stutter device but to this post :

i welcome more sample mangling devices :w00t:

Maybe they’re just waiting for the dsp and meta scripting to go live.

I was indeed refering to the new 'stutter ’ effect , on the other hand it wouldn’t be very wise to reintroduce the stutter effect when 2.6 goes gold …cause now is the moment to report bugs ( if the’re will be any ).
Kraken /Gore could you shed some light please …?

i dont think we will see this in 2,6

but… he promised!

Quote it!

Sorry guys. Totally forgot about the stutter. We obviously have put time into other stuff.

Only thing I can promise now is that we try to take care of this (and maybe other repeating alike FX) for the next Renoise updates. I don’t think we’ll manage to get that into 2.6.

But don’tmake it appear in 3.0 ( make it 2.9) otherwisee I have to renew my license

So you guys won’t forget this awesome effect ^^

I promise you, by the time 3.0 comes out, your Renoise upgrade addiction has turned to levels that you even would trade in your heroine subscription at the local drugsdealer in order to register 3.0

does that mean I have to give up my “Princess Leia Gold Bikini” calendar subscription or my mail order “Billy Holiday 78s” subscription?

methinks you meant ‘heroin prescription’ (a ‘script’)

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I mean no offence, just too good of an opportunity to waste to make a pathetic syntactic drug-related joke

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There’s your stutter effect now shove it up your dsp lol!!!

Serously though as the saying goes “When you fight for something something else is taken away”. They do a GREAT JOB and not 1 can say with the implementations of today’s renoise tomorrows future dosn’t looks VERY bright!


Edit Better? lol… I didnt mean it as a negative thing really =)… It was more of a sarcastic remark =P. But I guess noone likes a smartass =’( lol.

Who’s bitching? The effect was implemented but taken out. We’re just asking for it to be put back eventually :)

And it’s still easily available, although very slightly hidden, by going to DSP Chains, Depreciated and loading in your desired track.

It is still there i believe, you just have to paste the XML snippet that calls it, manually back in.