Suggestion for instrument sections GUI

I think these would be better as tabs:

4410 Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 12.12.38.png

Would save vertical space, reduce mouse movements when navigating between pages and be more consistent with the rest of the GUI.


Some advantages of the “accordion” layout might not be immediately obvious, but when using the mouse you can close any panel while hovering over the header, and any other panel would then be a few pixels away (much less than possible with tabs).
Also, the accordion will take up the entire width which means that it doesn’t matter if the cursor is positioned close to the disk browser , somewhere in the middle or next to the sample list - so, reducing horizontal mouse movement, albeit at the cost of some vertical space.

The use of vertical space, IMHO, is the only downside to this layout.

Thanks, that advantage was not immediately obvious to me :)


i prefer space saving tabs and using the f-keys

and animations happening on the whole screen all the time make me dizzy, it’s like when i was sitting on a uber-visual mac os many years ago, it wouldn’t stop animating the whole screen :wacko:/>

edit: what’s actually so good about quickly closing the panels? i mean i don’t want to look at an empty screen and will open something else, for which i either click tabs or the “accordionlines” which (if not used like tabs) have no label below the cursor, and me personally i can’t really click and look on the highlight elsewhere somehow, dunno

definitely +1

Excessive use of vertical space and animations are definitely negative points, but the biggest downside of this GUI approach for me is, that panels constantly move around. Tabs are always on the same spot, here the panel is sometimes up, sometimes down… I think it’s confusing and require user to constalntly search for the desired panel.

You can disable the animations in the Edit>preferences>Gui menu.

ontopic: now after spending some time with 3.0.0 I must say, the accordion style…Not my cup of tea.

Not saying this shouldn’t be changed, but what has helped me is mapping the different tabs to screen snapshots (right click the numbered icons in top right of screen for the desired lay-outs). These snapshots can be triggered through keyboard shortcuts (F1 to F8) or midi-mapped to a controller. Will become second nature after a while and you’ll never use the mouse to browse tabs.

Still not sure about this, but here’s how it would look:

I personally tend to use Fkeys to navigate between screens, so wasting less space would definitely be better.

Not a whole big deal, though.

Hey cool, I find it better.

I’d even MOVE and change the PHRASE EDITOR button into another TAB, like that :

yes def.better

It looks a lot more useful. I like this tap-idea.

I like it too.

Achenar, KURTZ
It’s a lot better idea, i agree!

and make the piano keys collapsible for even more vertical space. i’m sure i’m not the only one who has zero use for it most of the time :P


If the Phrase Editor is going to be tabbed as well, then you still need the On/Off buttons to quickly toggle the phrases:

aow yes ! good ! well spotted !

Fuck me you guys nailed it with those mocks, nice work guys! :D


+1 for switching back to TABS

+1 for collapsable piano display!

I’d like the vertical space back for the spectrum display!!