The Dead Dog`s Renoise Comp Round 1

Voting will close at midnight Saturday 6th November.

Please download the pack and pick your favourite (sorry for large file, one was a wav and upload everything in original format.)

Set up at Soundcloud, Streaming and Donload but all converted to 128kbs mp3 so if you want full quality or the .xrns you still need to download the pack from my server.

Well hopefully all of you have heard of this now and have a grasp of the rules. Almost missed start time myself as mid-way through a maintenance job at work but squeezing a few minutes to get this up for you.

Sample Pack: (working now)

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: None.
Additional Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed. Samples provided only.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. Audio file accepted, preferably mp3 at 320kbs; other encodings and rates acceptable. .XRNS submissions also accepted, preferably alongside a audio file but in isolation only (allowing Demo users to join in.) Would be extra nice if people can provide both.

Deadline: 12pm (Noon) UK times this Sunday 31st October.

Happy tracking.

Corrupted archive (downloaded 3 times)!

Damn filesize looked correct on upload but I do admit I didn’t try downloading and checking as was 5th attempt it too to seem to have done it.

Will get it upped again very shortly (IE doing it now.)


Great sample pack by the way!

Confirmed. You’ve should have an idea though. On my computer all but three of the files uncompress properly (using 7zip.)


Completely random, using the tool created by one of the users here ages ago (would give props but sorry forgotten who yet again) to try and ensure uniqueness week in week out. Did worry briefly about snares in this but think there is enough if you get creative.

Now downloading re-upped sample pack…

EDIT: Downloaded and checked. All OK. Linked edited in first post (removed the keyboard mashing.)

Strangely this file is actually a few kB smaller than the original, corrupted one :-/ Thought it must of been from hung upload…

i’m in on this, i’ll see what i can do with the sample pack!

mine’s submitted (yesterday already but forgot to post something for a sneaky bump).

by the way, who’s doing the voting? just you kazakore?

Mine submitted yesterday as well, i put tags in the mp3 tho… i hope its ok.


Mine is kinda sketchy and rough, I didn’t have the time to work it as much as I wanted.

In before the deadline! Just barely…

Went with a halloween theme. :panic:

I put this thing off till just a few hours ago, so it’s a bit of a rushed job. Also, I never work with samples but almost always use synth plugins, so if you think I totally screwed it up, I probably did!

great sample pack!
so I did Upload a small one just to try, did not have much time.
what is the license for the samples ?
I want to put this little ‘song’ in creative common Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike if possible

Let’s do this shit

Sorry about delay, got home from party yesterday evening and after unloading the rig and having some food it was pretty much straight to bed. Now downloading all your submissions and I will get the voting pack uploaded asap.

Voting is through a Poll on here.

Samples are from all kinds of random places so I can’t promise all are definitely copyright free for releasing under CC licence. Example the “im stewie griffin acapella” sounds like it must be from Family Guy, there’s a KJ Sawka break on there (one of the few sample packs I’ve bought) etc etc.

Do I include the track that was submitted quite a lot late but they promised was completed on time but no internet access?..

no worry this will be for Education/research, private and non commercial use only.

I have no problem with that a promise is a promise :rolleyes:

dead dog by dupo-x-y, on Flickr

@dupoxy: turn the image of the dog upside down, so it is lying on its back. will be even better than it is right now (already like it).
@kazakore: i’m having trouble understanding a single word you said in your last post. were you high on crack or something? read it over:

i’m no native speaker, but i’m pretty sure that is grammatically incorrect.

edit: goddamn, reading it over myself again twice and now i see. still, it’s a mess of a sentence. i agree with dupoxy, just include the track, we are honest people here.

Yeah I’ve included it.

Sorry for lack of punctuation, making it hard to read, especially for non-natives. Not high on crack but had only just woken up from a heavy weekend!

There is also one track that had a load of C-Tuner VST instances in the file. As this is only used for tuning samples to a particular pitch I have allowed it (guess we could say VSTs that do not alter sound, eg Tuners, Spectral Analysers and RMS Meters, could be allowed (especially as they could be removed afterwards and we’d be none the wiser.)

Trying to upload now but having issues with FTP again. On about 10th attempt (only one of which said it had worked but wasn’t complete on downloading and checking.)


would be nice of the person submitting the track to at least cover up his tracks? meaning: bounce the tuned sounds to samples and use those…