The Dead Dog'S Renoise Comp Round 10

Voting over!

We have a new name to add to our list of winners. Massive congratulations to dubkidflash are in order. Well done mate! :D

Full entrants list:L

  1. f+d+k
  2. Mammoth
  3. td6d
    4. Dubkidflash
  4. Rhowaldt
  5. Uav

Tracking time over, time to vote. Deadline to choose you’re favourite version is 12noon GMT Tuesday 15th March.

Sorry votepack is a little large, two entries are as Wavs.

Soundcloud :

Deadline Thursday 10th March, 12noon GMT


Random sample pack is provided, as usual, sorry it’s not targeted more at the sounds typical in the source material. A very low bit rate mp3 of the original is also included. I am currently in the process of trying to download a flac version which I hope to be able to provide you with soon.*

Only sounds edited from original or taken from the sample pack to be used. Only Renoise and its native effects allowed.

Sample pack:

Original song FLAC:

Enjoy everybody :)

*I know there is at least questionable copyright violation there. The piece is over 50 years old so may fall outside it but I’m not sure when the changes to the law came in, that it is 50 years after the death of copyright holder. Also there is the fact that there is copyright on the recording itself, which is very likely to be newer unless this release was created copyleft or similar. Hopefully, as this is only run for our entertainment and nothing more, nobody will have objections to this questionable legality of providing the original source material.

So, an electroacoustic composition? I studied this piece in university. Who set the rules? I am inclined to participate this time. Props.

EDIT: Wait, I see it now: remixes of Ligeti’s ‘Artikulation’. Not necessarily your own composition. Still cool.

Winner of the last round, td6d, set the rules. Winner of this round will set them for the next one.

With it being an avant-garde piece there is little in the way of main hook, melody, vocals or motifs to work a remix from in the usual manner, so personally I would say it is at least slightly down to interpretation, although thought obviously needs to be given to the original piece when working on your own…

FLAC of original song added to first post:

Great !

with respect to the ‘remix’ part: kazakore is right, hard to do a true ‘remix’ without very distinctive elements in a song. just focus on the mood of the song and/or treat it as another sample in the pack.

In my eyes a remix doesn’t really have to have distictive elements of the original song in it. You just use that song to re-mix al the material you have.
Glad to hear people like this one :)

cool theme! : D

yeah td6d, really cool challenge.

i’m in! i love sampling from obscure songs, because
that’s when i’m the most creative. ^_^

finished, but have to wait for ftp-settings from providers as they’ve been lost after the entire re-install of my system. i’ll upload everything and PM kazakore when i have a server available.

my bad…

remove that shit and PM it to kazakore. you’ll spoil the entire ‘anonymous listening and voting’ stuff. sorry for being harsh, and thanks for contributing!

Must, resist, listening… :D

In his defense, that rule was not specified in this thread. Some of us are new here and don’t know about things some of you who’ve been around a while might take for granted.

Suggestion: include the complete contest rules, or a prominent link to a post that has them, in each contest thread.

Suggestion2: Edit the Soundcloud link out of your reply, or no matter what dubkidflash does it will still be here. :D

man, ligeti is driving me nuts. whatever i try, it’s getting completely unrecognizable, with lots of 10 cycle snippets etc.
oh well, another two and a half days… :smashed:

yeah, i don’t blame him for it, and am aware he did not know. i just wanted him to react quickly so i made my response a bit harsh.
suggestion1: hope kazakore picks this up, will probably agree
suggestion2: yeah i just noticed that, didn’t think of that, editted it out. we all make mistakes :)

Yeah I’m sorry I’ve been a little lax of late, had a lot of other stuff on my plate! Hence why the last couple haven’t had a full copy&paste of the main basic rules, why none has been hosted on my server (need to reinstall and FTP client and find my log-in details,) why I haven’t uploaded tracks to Soundcloud for the ease of voting and why I haven’t even tried to update the website in ages. Plus other stuff. Hopefully things will settle down and I’ll be able to get on top of it all properly soon…

My bad and thanks to you guys for sorting it out so quick. Got the entry in PM now and hope to have some more from you guys before close in a couple of days ;)

Alright, submission sent. I can’t wait to hear what everybody created!

done! mine is pretty lame, but as i promised to do it… :ph34r: