The Etiquette Of Submitting A Bug Report

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When submitting a bug report, the preferred template is as follows:

  • Brief description
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Expected results
  • Actual results


Be brief.

Do not insert your own theory as to why something doesn’t work. This throws the developer off. Example: I do X, expect Y, but instead I get Z, therefore “Renoise doesn’t accept booleans”. In the developer’s mind, because the very specific problem is booleans, he looks there first, sees there’s nothing wrong, ignores the rest. If you keep doing this it turns into “boy who cries wolf” syndrome, and people stop listening…

Steps to reproduce look like this:

  1. Launch Renoise
  2. Open the demo song “Vivace - Jong Belegen”
  3. Press spacebar
  4. Click the Pattern Matrix Button

The more precise the better, the less precise the shittier.

Expected results:

You expect something to happen. Describe it here.

Actual results:

Instead, something else happens, and this is wrong. Describe it here.


Don’t post a bug report as a reply to some thread. Instead, start a new thread. This ensures someone actually looks at your issue.

Screenshots make the bug report 1000 times better. A video capture makes the bug report 100000 times better.

Price of Renoise at the time of purchase. E.g. when I pay for a coffee, I’m not paying for a future cup of coffee those are bonus, they are not the product at the time of purchase: ~58€. Reasonable cost of fixing the average bug in software industry: A day of work (8 hours) * 40€ = ~320€ Probable Renoise developer salary? Below minimum wage living in a squat. Enthusiasm for fixing poorly explained bugs with flamewar undertones at the same time as developing awesome new community driven features for next to nothing: 0.

Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-da
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You will live in happiness too
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Pitch in to win.


Classic movie reference for classic concepts…courtesy and thoughtfulness. Nice!

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I just found this reporting for another software but thought it might be useful here:

A small easy to use open source windows program called Screen To Gif for those multi step bug reports. Defaults to 15fps and creates reasonably small files but is fairly configurable with some frame editing features:

Maybe the Linux and Mac guys can make some suggestions for .gif captures on those platforms too?

resulting gif size: 76.7 KB - can simply be hosted as any other attachment in forum:


LICEcap (Mac and Windows)

I know that OSX (and Windows) is covered by this little handy tool that I use myself

GifCam (Windows)

Useful Frame button so you can click each time you want to add a new image.

Tip: When you`ve finished adding frames, go to edit mode and hold shift while dragging the delay value left/right. Shift modifier applies delay time to all frames. You can add text in edit mode too if needed, via the right-click menu.


you can make screen capture on mac via default app quicktime and just make gif out of it from random website by googling and uploading to convert. Hope that helps

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On Linux you can use giph to capture from the screen into gifs.