The Group Buy + Offer Thread.

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Hi Guys, my first post here (purchased Renoise on the 23rd of Dec 09 after many months of “shall I, shan’t I?”)

Anyway I thought this offer worth bringing to your attention:

I’ve been "shall I, shan’t I?"ing over an SOS subscription for a while (yes, again! maybe I have commitment issues) freebies such as these may just sway me!

Edit: its here by the way


Image Line is selling their new Synth ‘Harmless’ for as much as you think it’s worth to you (minimum 9$, though)

It is an additive synth which emulates a substractive one.

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AudioMidi is selling Steven Slate Drums EX Edition for 20USD until the end of february. Seems like a pretty good deal for anyone looking for HQ acoustic drums. Also it seems that no shipping is involved with it, but rather you can download all the stuff from in the end and you’ll get a proper Kontakt Player too.

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Ok, that’s not and advert - I’m not affiliated in any way with software providers or website owners, etc.

Some time ago I found website with great prices and deals for selected software packages. I’ve purchased BlueTube plugins, Amplitube Live and Steven Slate Drums. That’s a real bargain in my opinion and I’d like to share it with you. If you know any website, that offers similar deals with great price cut-offs, please post a link.

No brainer deals on are better each week.

Ok, shame me - didn’t checked the forum properly :o

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Cakewalk is having a monthly deal on session drummer version 2 (not 3)

I bought it and did have one crash so far with 2.6 but I`m not complaining too much for $10

Downloadable also:

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Image-line has some plugs going for $49 until the end of August:

(Beatslaughter) #67

Audio-Midi is selling a few no brainer deals currently.

Got the channelstrip plugin from Nomad Factory after trying the demo and really like that plugin, colors the sound in very pleasant ways and a great tool to beef tracks up.

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There’s a 5 day 50% off sale at Native Instruments.

“The offer is valid for full versions of our individual KOMPLETE Instruments & Effects and bundles, but NOT for KOMPLETE 7”

It appears their site is crashing due to traffic…

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Looks like they should have made it a ten days sale…

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Loads of Black Friday deals listed here at KvR. Got Cakewalk Studio Instruments for myself through here:


(td6d) #71

Awesome, thanks for the heads up! I still can’t believe they sold Reaktor for 99 euro’s last year :D, best deal since a loong time. I think I’ll buy FM8 this time :)

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Nomads new Magnetic at 1/4 price until end of December:




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Kirk Hunter is having a group buy for new Rock/Pop Strings library. Ends Jan 15.

Group buy page.
KVR thread.

Currently $149, but if 33 more people join it’s going to be $125.

First of his libs to include Kontakt Player, so you don’t need to own Kontakt to use it and if you don’t it makes you eligible for 249 eur Kontakt crossgrade.

(Beatslaughter) #74

D16 Group is running a group buy on their SilverLine collection effects range until 15th June. Basically you buy a single plugin out of their effect catalogue and get extra free plugins the more people join in, which can be up to all 6 for the price of one.

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There is a Nomad Factory promo lasting until end of the year. If you own any Nomad Factory plugin, you can upgrade to their full suite Integral Studio Pack III for just 99 USD. That’s 50 plugins in total. While there is quite some overlap especially with a bit too much EQs and compressors in the pack, i think it’s still a great value if you like some of their plugins. Probably a lot have bought those Audio Midi no brainer deals, so maybe worth a look.

(vV) #76

You can also buy the pack for 199 USD if you don’t own any product. If you would purchase their Vinyl Boy plugin (which is 29USD) and upgrade from that, i guess you can save yourself another 70 USD.

(Beatslaughter) #77

Sure that Vinyl Boy plugin is from Nomad Factory? Never heard of it actually and having bought that bundle it should be included if it is.

A cheaper way would be to buy this pack instead and upgrade from it, which is also a pretty nice deal by itself. Analog Mastering Tools for 20 USD. Seems some people also had vouchers to get even 15 USD off from that price, but i don’t know where they got it from.

Have a few redundant licenses too now but doubt i’d get much out of it, considering the transfer fee.

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NI are doing there annual 50% thing: a great way to score a couple of instruments on the cheap if you don’t want all the bloat of Komplete

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Kuassa has a 30% holiday offer going. I have the Amplifikation Creme -thing, and I’m very pleased with it. They have demos too, so go check them out! :)