The Group Buy + Offer Thread.

(Ledger) #81

just bought izotope ozone 5 from audiodeluxe with their mastering week coupon: Master20 for 20% off selected mastering plugs.

Ozone came to just below $160.

Hadn`t heard of them before so checked around KvR to see if legit first. Got my serial number within 1/2 hour.

(KMaki) #82

Applied acoustics systems tassman 4. Normal price 349$. Now 99$ until the end of July.

I’m seriously considering this one. If no weirdness pops out checking the demo, I think this’ll be my first paid VSTi.

Edit: Got it. Overall impressions good, loving the sounds and the mad scientistism. Would not have paid the full price though, this prog is Oooold, and it shows/feels. . also figured this could be a sneaky way of getting upgrade rights if a wild Tassman 5 appears.

(krixa) #83

Audio Damage has 30% off all orders now.

(oneunkind) #84

Sounds great, don’t it? Can see how it won its secret weapon kudos considering its timeframe. Building instruments in it is infuriating. Lemme know if you manage to do it!

(Ledger) #85

Get Amplitube 3 and accessories cheap:


edit: also on esoundz:

(Ledger) #86

Groove3 who do music production and software tutorial videos have a coupon for 50% off:

Coupon site:

I ended up getting the all access pass and have been watching the Producing House in Ableton vids. Pretty impressed so far and picked up a lot of general tips and tricks. Kind of wish I`d watched some of this 10 years ago, my hihats would have always been less quantised at least! :)

Main site:

(Ledger) #87

Studio One 2, producer edition going for $99 at Audio deluxe:


And Groove3 are having another 50% sale until end of November.

(Ledger) #88

Loads of Black Friday deals listed here at KVR:

(vV) #89

All great deals, but i got a lot of good plugins. I have decided i should do more with the stuff i already have instead of adding more good deals.

(Ledger) #90

Yes it does get to that point eventually, though its always nice if youve been waiting to get something particular for a while and it comes up on sale!

(krixa) #91

Audio Damage has Blue Monday 25% off today. Enter “HOWDOESITFEEL” at checkout for the discount.

(krixa) #92

Fabfilter Timeless 2 50% off!

“Until May 1st, we offer 50% discount on FabFilter Timeless 2, our versatile tape delay plug-in. Don’t miss out!”

I’m interested…

(Lethargik) #93

appreciate your work krixa! how do you find these things?

(krixa) #94

Just crusin’ the web… reading newsletters… :)

(Ledger) #95

50% off sale on all sample packs until June 30th

I Picked up “Monster kicks vol 1” In one of their other sales, currently $8.99 at sale price.

edit: from the comments in the video there may be a small amount of compression added for the demo.

Really decent collection of punchy kick drums.

There seem to be demo samples for most of the packs to try first.

(Ledger) #96

Ik Multimedia offering their Opto comp and an amp head and cabinet if you download the custom shop software. Opto comp is one of my favs and a great giveaway that Id get if I hadnt bought it a while ago!

Kvr thread with discussion:


(TanookiMonk) #97

Z3TA+2 = 49.99 on steam until 16 September !!

(td6d) #98

Talking about IK multimedia… They’ve got all 5 sampletank plugins for 50% of the price of one!
So you get:

  • Sampletank 2.5XL
  • Miroslav Phiharmonic
  • Sampletron
  • Samplemoog
  • Sonik Synth 2
    for €68,- (VAT is added after you add it to your cart)

I couldn’t resist…

It’s just for 5 more days though.

(Ledger) #99

A free 30 days pass at groove3 music tutorial video site, posted at kvr (first post in linked page):


(Ledger) #100

50% off Sugar-bytes until Nov 1st