The Group Buy + Offer Thread.

(Ledger) #101

The KvR Black Friday/ Cyber Monday thread again, loads of deals regularly updated:

(Cie) #102

Waves offers their Plugin “Renaissance Bass” for free (usual price 75$):

(Ledger) #103

This may tempt me to download the waveshell again which didn`t work great for me recently.

and also a quick bump for the black Friday sales, so many deals. Things like ezdrummer going for $29.99 at audiodeluxe, 50% native instruments and presonus sales etc. etc. etc.

(Cas) #104

Yep Komplete is 50% off, that’s a lot right?

(Ledger) #105

yep, extremely tempting had I not spent a lot on VST recently. I`ve got a copy of kontakt 3 (crossgrade) which would entitle me to the komplete 9 crossgrade ~200 euros.

I`ve promised myself I need to learn the new stuff I just bought before adding another 33 plugs to my folders!

maybe next year with komplete 10

(Rex) #106

I just bought Studio One Producer for 76 quid and am absolutely delighted with it. I’ve been struggling to find a suitable replacement for Logic since I turned my back on apple stuff a year or so ago and am pleased to say I’ve finally found the perfect substitute. The native fx in particular are very, very nice and if you’re into recording live stuff - guitar, vocals, etc as I am it make a perfect partner to Renoise as Producer has rewire:

(Garf) #107

Ohh man, I’ve been meaning to get Komplete for ages, this is a great deal if you can crossgrade, so when Native Instruments send me a newsletter stating that I was qualified for the 50% discount on Komplete I asked the to confirm, unfortunately I wasn’t qualified as it turned out :(/>

(Ledger) #108

Yes, thats a great deal if youre after a traditional DAW, I still fire up S1 sometimes here and probably should learn it some more. Very interesting that they`ve taken over Notion Music recently too, so there could be some notation editing in a future version hopefully.

Thats a shame, NI seem to have changed their policy recently too. I know I didnt used to qualify as I only had the crossgrade version of kontakt 3, this apparently now qualifies it tells me when I log in, so maybe I`ll take advantage of it in the future. Not sure the cheapest way but you may be able to qualify cheaper somehow. Kvr is always a good place to ask.

(Rex) #109

Oh shit, the other thing I failed to mention was that Studio One Producer also includes a free download of Komplete Elements which features a limited but very useful set of sound banks from Kontakt, Reaktor and Guitar Rig including: a very good strings patch, ditto brass but even better, Abbey Road 60s drums (FUCKING GREAT!), and Reaktor Prism, Oki Computer (a Hitori Tori fave) and a bunch of other stuff - the bass guitar is wicked too and includes really good per note, velocity layered samples plus slides and ghost notes so you don’t get that hideous Seinfield sound!

Anyway, massively recommended and I’m in no way affiliated with Presonus or anything by the way, I’m just genuinely amazed to have got some real value for money for once!

(Cie) #110

For the people having a Launchpad, there is maybe a special bundle deal.

Both Renoise plugins, Step Sequencer Lauflicht Launchpad Edition and Live Dive Launchpad Edition in a bundle, 40% off.

Until 2nd December 2013.


Exactly this, I’m so tempted as I have Reaktor so can crossgrade but also have this nagging feeling that adding this many plugins is just going to be a distraction. Out of it all Kontakt stands out as a creative sampler but maybe I should just buy Alchemy instead… Hmm decisions, decisions!

(00.1) #112

Yeah, weird time to be a do-it-yourselfer.
Its actually pretty nice that we have all these wonderful toys.

I guess it depends on how you want to spend your time…

These day I don’t like to spend too much time into getting a track done.
I like to compose/arrange, synthesize/mix, and master in one shot. That for the most part
will dictate my purchasing habits. The other half is the policy of the stuff that I license.
If you’ve been eyballing music software for a long time, you know the deal with this.

A couple of flexible things I’ve learned is to spread the money around,
don’t burn it on one single thing. Mistake$ or error$ are best made cheaply or free.

(Ledger) #113

One of the best purchases Ive made in recent times was a subscription to groove3 video tutorial site. It actually informed/ inspired a lot of my recent tools; Sync Notes in Group, Toggle Reference Track, Go To Send and Vel Pan Delay automation. Their November promo is over now but I may sign up for a month again here and there. There is a Rob Papens Predator tutorial that I want to get through some time.

The investment of time (and money) in both these things I could have spent a load more on plugs for less return.

As this is the offers thread though I will also mention this for those interested in any Ik Multimedia stuff . Audiodeluxe have got the total studio bundle for $83.99 in cart


(td6d) #114

I love this thread :wub:/>

(vV) #115

Anyone interested getting Linplug’s Spectral for 49 bucks instead of 99?

(Ledger) #116

Another free 30 days for groove3 from camel audio, get the code from this KvR thread:

(00.1) #117

Didn’t see this in the “KvR Black Friday/ Cyber Monday thread”…

Kontakt sample libraries - duduk, acoustic/electric guitars basses, russian folk instruments.

(Cas) #118

Me too. This is drivin me nuts. Just prism is a crazy instrument already. Not to think about Monark, Absynth, Massive, all the sampled pianos and other orchestra stuff… pffsh

(Ledger) #119

Manged to hold out in the end here, got to have at least saved some hours installing!

Another IK Multimedia sale, all software 50% off until January 6:

(Ledger) #120

Presonus have a one day $5 sale on some bits and pieces, including Progression 2 guitar notation software and S1 artist:

edit: Notion 4 is going for half price in may aswell.