The Group Buy + Offer Thread.

(Ledger) #141

Overloud giving away Licenses of their new EQ550 API clone:

From March 12th to 18th,
1000 licenses per day only.
Reg. price $139 after March 18th!

(Ledger) #142

9 euros:

(Ledger) #143

freebie (until Sep 10th) Drum kit module from ujam.

details and link on kvr:

(Ledger) #144

Some 9.60 euro deals at thomann, including 2nd sense Wiggle synth (challenge response copy protection) ENDED

(Ledger) #145

Plugin Boutique are giving Ozone 8 Elements free with any purchase, if you sign up for their newsletter.

Purchase can be one of their $1/£1 deals:

Some cheap deals as potential purchases listed here:

(Ledger) #146

PSP sale:

Busspressor $19

FETpressor $29

(Ledger) #147

Last day of Plugin Boutiques Diversion sale:


Youtube video deconstructing a preset:

(Ledger) #148

Back Friday, Kvr thread:

(Ledger) #149

If your`re after a good value easy to use mid-side compressor, for your buses

Cyclone Compressor is going for £5.95:

Also recently picked this up aswell which has proved pretty useful

MSW2 going for £4.96 (stereo width plugin with graphic readout and modulation options)

Trials available for both.

(Ledger) #150

Native Instruments Christmas giveaway.


TRK-01 PLAY extracts the powerful kick and bass engines from the innovative bass synth TRK-01 to form two dedicated plug-ins. TRK-01 KICK is a blendable dual-layer kick drum engine, with synth-based and sampled kicks, plus multiple modulation options. TRK-01 BASS offers no less than five synth engines, letting you craft exactly the bass you need. Together, as TRK-01 PLAY, they provide a strong foundation for any track. Download TRK-01 PLAY today for free – it’s available for a limited time only.

(Ledger) #151

Acustica Ceil free until Feb 14th:

Gearslutz thread:

(Ledger) #152
  • Free Quadcomp for signing up to ikmultimedia newsletter

  • Rare U-he Sale at N.I. Diva / Repro sold separately or both as part of bundle with fx

(ffx) #153

Yes, also a U-He sale never has been so cheap AFAIK.

(Ledger) #154

Have to say I’m impressed with Presswerk. Did demo it a bit long time ago but on re-demoing now found it great on heavy kicks to get them sitting well!

You have to be careful with it though because it can be pretty brutal on transients so using parallel mix is needed.

It’s a shame they didn`t make an option to buy the fx separately as a second bundle.

(Ledger) #155

Just picked this up:

Computer Music July 2018 with ThornCM - Zinio online download copy.

In order to get the plugs you have make an account and answer a question related to the magazine on File Silo:


I think you have to buy this specific issue to get thorn, though they seem to bundle some earlier synths as part of the general CM plug folders (see screenshots below).


Small limitations considering the price:

Thorn CM has the following limitations compared to the full Thorn:

2 oscillators instead of 3
1 filter instead of 2
4 effects instead of 9
Less filter models

The other PC plugs I got bundled with this issue. (right-click + View Image)

  • Instruments



  • Fx (too many to get in one screenshot but you get the idea)