The Group Buy + Offer Thread

That’s actually pretty good, thanks :slight_smile:

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Duck going for 9 euros :duck::duck::duck:

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just took the licence. I have bought ultrareverb recently from eventide, it was 29$ on discount if i remember correctly - which is one of the most flexible… just my opinion. :slight_smile:

ENDED: now back to $179


Flux Studio Session Pack $49 with 8 plugs.

ilok protection but I think can be used without a dongle. Got a great ircam reverb included.

-Pure Compressor
-Pure Expander
-Pure Limiter
-Epure (Parametric EQ)
-Syrah (Dynamics)
-BitterSweet Pro (Transient shaper)
-Verb Session
-Pure Analyzer


all plugins are half-priced until 4th december

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Use my Melda coupon for anything you buy there and get 20% off: MELDA7578725

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Icarus 1 90 eur!

update v2 will be free then.

update v2 is not included free anymore.

black friday discounts
whole bundle (except od -de-edger) 100euros

A huge list of black fried plugs and softwares :


Saturator X going for $15 at Audiodeluxe:

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Audio Damage

From Tal:

  • 32bit support dropped for windows and OSX. :muscle::+1:

This implies more time for 64bit, as it should be.

IK Black 76 free for 2 weeks:


A couple more time limited freebies. Reverbs this time:

Arturia 140 Plate (register before Christmas day)

and already mentioned by @Garf in the other thread:

Native instruments Raum Reverb (register before Jan 16th)

Black Rooster Magnetite Tape Emulation $19.99:

PSP N2O is $20 for today only:

According to their email:

Every day for twenty days, we’ll offer a flash sale on one plug-in
for the unbeatable price of only $20!

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Phoenixverb less than $15:

Native Instruments Analog Dreams is free until March 31st


  • Analog sounds from vintage synths of the ’70s, ’80s, and beyond
  • Blended samples creatively processed to generate unique results
  • Ready-to-go presets in a streamlined interface
  • Part of the Play Series: Great-sounding presets and real-time control in an intuitive interface

Note: This instrument is also included in the full version of KONTAKT 6.

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This is actually quite a good deal Plugin Boutique is running on the Tonal Balance Bundle by iZotope, get Ozone 9 advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced and Nectar 3 for $199 (normally $699).

Exclusive 70% off with the coupon code - 1hxx438j
Valid until 3rd May 2020 at 23:59 PST

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