The Group Buy + Offer Thread

FREE: iZotope’s Neutron 3 Elements:
FREE: Three Months of All Access Membership at Producertech:

Samplemagic 70% off everything before website closes to team up with Splice:

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3 Black Rooster compressors going for $22 each at JRRShop:

EDIT: $18.48 with discount code GROUP


Audiothing Vinylstrip $23.99



PSP EMT 2445 reverb: $25.81 with Coupon FORUM at JRR shop




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It is currently $29 on the PSP website. I totally stumbled on this… cause sometimes I go to their website, “dreaming that maybe I can afford something.”

When I saw this for $29 I was shocked. I did purchase it!! Yes, it is PACE.

Pace is “ok.” Elicencer sucks omg. I suffer with Elicencer

They often do these big discounts on individual plugs. To get an email notification you make sure the box is ticked for special offers in your PSP account.

Always worth checking JRRshop / Audiodeluxe when they have these offers as they sometimes give a few extra dollars off on top:

PSP User Area/ My Profile:

psp signup

If you want to keep an eye on other developers deals without signing up to loads of newletters/ emails, this KVR thread is worth watching. Things that catch my eye and post here often come from this thread:

I’m banned from KVRaudio… It basically taught me the lesson, “internet arguments are a useless waste of time.” Least to say, I wont bother with their newsletter

I know PSP has sales here and there. It seems like there are lot, “more sales,” than used to be.

I actually do not buy a lot of software. I’m still using the original version of DCAM Synth Squad LMFAO

This reverb? I’m happy. It gets me through the whole summer.

Actually, Waves is now, “forever on sale.” I know a lot of people rag on Waves, but I have picked up some of their things too…

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From KvR thread

Freebies possible at Plugin Alliance. The code MEGA-SALE-20-OFF can be used once per account without minimum, so products for 20 bucks from the current sale are free.

If interested in any other PA stuff now is a great time with sale + voucher. I believe you can only use voucher once.

  • Finishes 30th June.
  • For potential free ones Ctrl + F search: “MEGA SALE $5 - $19.99” (almost halfway down page)


Yes!! Free metering plugin. Awesome :slight_smile:

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instand TRAP!! :yum:

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Among JRRshops current deals IL Groove Machine. $18.48 with code GROUP

Wouldn’t normally post something like this due to issues below, but I’ve just discovered the sampler section is super handy for designing/ layering single-shot drums on the fly. Basically you reset the ‘Groove’ preset in the menu on the top right to initialise the instance. You can then load included samples in the top left sampler section or drag your own in there from win explorer (renoise browser unfortunately doesn’t support this).

You get 4 layers to play with, plus basic fx for each layer which are then routed through the rest of the plug for further envelopes filters and fx. To use the main fx you have to lock them in with the ‘glue’ button as they are made with live use in mind, but ofc you can add your own in renoise after.


  • only 32bit and unsupported
  • When re-arranging multiple instances in instrument list with the this script things seem to break/ reset in the plug. So at least one bug there.
  • Slightly weird way of setting sample start, but at least is possible.

Far from perfect but may be useful to someone else aswell at that price:

Deal: (ENDED)


More PSP at JRR for $22: Mixpack 2

As ever with JRR, try codes FORUM / GROUP for extra discounts

Also Air Hybrid 3 for $3.99 and Boom $14.99:

Izotope Iris 2 ~ $10

10GB of EDM Samples for free

(13 days left on offer)

Tons of hoops to jump through on WA site to get to checkout/ download them, but 10Gb is a lot of curated samples - still downloading them now…

EDIT Beware of filler in these packs see posts below.

Also vstbuzz, has Carbon Electra 15 euros (+ VAT) for next 13 days

Demo at Plugin boutique:


They can have my address for 10 gigabytes lol… I don’t care. I almost bought Largo from them when it was on sale for $29, but I’m just playing with Reaktor and mostly just turning every sound into samples nowadays

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I’ve not dug in too much to the samples, just some of the drum one-shots, but they seem to be pretty nice for the style. i.e. layered and punchy!

There should be some things there worth some mangling in Reaktor too!

Yeah, I didn’t mind the sign-up but seemed a bit convoluted, however before I complain too much I just noticed there are some more feebies on the site like this:

EDIT Beware of filler in these packs see posts below.

full list:

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The useless template folder was 8.65GB and there weren’t that many loops, but the one shots were nice to have for free!

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Ah yes, tis a shame! Don’t think I’ll rush to get their other free stuff + glad I didn’t pay for all that filler crud!

Below the arrow is where the useful samples live.

windirstat - Copy

I’ll leave the original link above for anyone with sufficient will and bandwidth though!

Yeah, and keep posting this stuff :slight_smile:

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Black Rooster Audio SC5 Black & Blue bundle 19$ Flash Sale Tilll sunnday!!

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