The Ignore List, Use It

The Renoise forums greatest feature!

you might also want to explain that if you put someone on ignore, you shouldn’t expect them to not reply to you, and you surely shouldn’t bitch at them for doing so since that’s just silly. it defeats the purpose of the ignore list if you end up clicking each post to read it anyway.

nobody but you knows you’re ignoring someone, so it doesn’t work as a taunt. you have to announce it for it to work that way, but then again you don’t really need to put them on ignore for that.

oh, and if you put Johann on ignore, you might wanna pm conner so he can make a tally and wank over it or something.

What’s going on?!? I’ve been away from the forum for some time and this BS is a shock for me.
Especially you Johann. Don’t you think you’ve gone too far with your flame-war? Why do you use the Internet for communication while at the same time you just seem to hate everything and everybody and express it in a passionate and neurotic way. You’re destructive for the community. Take some time to think about your egoistic attitude and maybe if it won’t kill you think about other people on this forum too. Put yourself in someone else’s position - “Some really nice reading those Johann’s posts and what a pleasure it is how he kicks everybody’s ass!” - not so cool actually?
I won’t add anyone to my ignore list but I hope that next time I visit the forum some of you have things sorted out and I don’t have to see all this crap.

Let’s just keep praying that 2.6 beta won’t take too long and we can forget all this drama and do some beta-testing.

Yes, seriously, what’s going on, I keep seeing flaming around here.

so it’s MY flamewar now? how does that work, I wonder? I mean, technically?

and the alternative? making a feature suggestion and getting told I’m a total moron, and sucking that up? where did I attack someone who did not first attack me? have you even paid the slightest attention to mr. bitarts and his antics? I get constantly flamed, and in comparison I respond with very little attacks and lots of reasoning, I don’t make HALF the jokes he’s inviting on himself, but I am the flamer and the troll. because he posted a bunch of DSP chains lately. oh, and thanks for your complete assessment of my psyche, lol. fuck you. frankly, at this point I’d rather be banned than suck up to some of you people. how would you feel in a forum where people basically get told to ignore you? because you wouldn’t cower? WTF. nuh-uh.

well, how I see it, this and this lead to this (well, basically he seems to have went around and delete every bit of precious advice he ever posted, then deleted his account, then came back with a sock puppet). that’s not helpful and prolly tl:dr, but I don’t feel like giving a summary either. everybody will tell you something different. like conner put it, “every time Johann posts, this happens”, which is why people don’t read what I post, so he created this thread to be helpful I guess. harr harr.

if that’s how you and “the community” read it, well then eject me, and pronto. to me it’s just a cheap fucking strawman argument but hey, be my guest.

The problem is, this has gone on far longer than it’s really worth…
It’s wasting space on the forum.
Noone cares…everyone just wants it to stop.

yeah, but everybody tells ME to stop, not the guy who is constantly flaming himself and now even blatantly lying? THAT is what gets me. that it’s my flame war and it’s just because I hate everything lol… how does one back down from that? If peeps had said “please stop feeding that troll NOW”, instead of glancing superficially and pointing at me because hey, that’s the easy knee-jerk option, I would have stopped talking back and just shrugged his mud off… but when it’s instead because “this happens every time Johann posts”, and about how I should ponder my egotism, go into a corner and be ashamed, while bitarts gets to be confirmed in his sad little delusions… fuck noez. fuck nevarz!

at the same time I can see how you guys don’t want to feed MY egotism, and that’s fair enough. but just outright twisting it into me having no other purpose than to flame these forums, that kinda closes my way out. as I said, not gonna suck up to that, and I’ve had it with conner’s little snipe jobs, too.

I mean, at least now we have a thread to talk about the flaming… would it help if I promise that IF I feel the need to reply to anything related to these matters from now on, I do it in here? locking/banning is a totally separate concern, que sera sera. just gimme my own thread and let me mumble to myself.

Why is this about Johann? Because he says it is?

The ignore list is for everyone.

Don’t reply.

no, because you said this and created this thread 9 minutes later. don’t even pretend lol.

I never knew what it was btw. I aeons ago said something deragotary about breakcore, you JUMPED IN MY FACE out of the utter blue in another thread shortly after that, muttering about breakcore, and since then I kinda get the feeling you hate my guts. I’m not saying it was because of that, but that’s when I started to notice/hallucinate it. nothing I could ever put my finger on, but I can’t recall anything friendly and you ALWAYS seem to like riding these things for that purpose, and how you’re being a coward about the creation of this thread kinda reassures this vague feeling of you having some kind of grudge against me.

“Don’t reply.”, is that some kind of order? what is this shit with you using this asshole and your status to get one in on me?


  1. I was addressing every troll in that thread
  2. You replied to me, assuming (incorrectly) that I was talking about you (Why can’t Bitarts and Seargent Duffy or Moonrider be an asshole?)
  3. I left one follow-up comment because you “holier than thou” me, as usual.
  4. I suggested, in general, in another thread, people “ignore” instead of flame.
  5. More flames… By you.

Don’t reply is advice on how to ignore. Chill the fuck out.

EDIT: Do you smoke a lot of dope and have reached the ultra paranoid stage? Something is out of control… I’ve seen friends go down like this.

uhuhmm. you said, to me “No one reads anything you posts because it’s guaranteed to turn into this.”

maybe YOU might take a step back and re-read that, and take it seriously, take it literally, and consider you’re a member of the core here. not that I’m into dragging THAT into it, but still, to me that’s highly bullyish and unfair. it’s just flat out not true, too. maybe YOU wish it was, and I guess I can’t do more than openly accuse you of holding a grudge and asking what it is… either it’s nothing or you’re not gonna spill, so cheers either way <_<


Leave Mary Jane out of this, She’s done nothing to anyone ;)

Yes, that was my follow up, to your reply. I have forum behaviour problems too. Not proud of it. The general advice is to ignore, to myself, too.

fair enough. and hey, it’s not like I’m totally unaware of how boring this is. but it’s also kinda demeaning from the inside, being told to shut up because you happen have an innocent technical suggestion while someone would rather bask in the glory of how awesome they’re at using sends, because THEY won’t shut up either… I don’t care how much kindergarten that is - he DID start it, and it’s not like I barged into a discussion about sends with my ideas of dry/wet, to show off my great off-topic idea. ahh, I just have deep seated issues with being lied to/about, I never said I’m sane.

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Can one of the admins/mods pm who’s ignoring me so I don’t try talking to them?

also, I highly recommend, turning off all avatars and images.


Make music and don’t take shit to personally, like really. This is the internet. A place for us Renoise artists to mingle and feed off eachother. You know…NETWORK! Cummon man(s) if some1 calls me a fucking low life dumbass loser online im not going to take much offence. Really im not even going to take a second on thinking about it. WHO CARES! Lets just make music and have fun =D =D =D Live, Life, Laugh. Really it’s life’s to short.