Renoise is just on an exponential curve of coolness right now.

LaunchPad you say?

You’re gonna love my video then:


Can’t wait to try it - and I’ll tell you nobody from the team has made any scripts that make use of the matrix - it’s still virgin territory. I want to make a scrollable version with mute switches!

Well, of to bed.

I’m already working on scrollable version… the trick is getting the led feedback from the launch pad.

What kind of sound is best to use here. I’m thinking something with alot of harmonics.
I think for consonants you need to start using a noise source, with appropriate amp and filter envelopes. sss t d etc… Cylob is one to watch for nice formant speach synthesis

Cylob creats almsost all his stuff in supercollder and yes his wacky vocalstuff is amazing …'formant potaton '= :dribble:
A good synth for vocal stuff( and a lot more ) is the yamaha 'fs1’r fm and formant synth

Square wave is a good start. Before filters (mouth) human voice is pretty much a square wave (on/off flapping with vocal tract or something like). Consonants are noise but they’re such quick bursts that generating and timing them felt too much trouble.

Send your square wave to three tracks each with pretty tight bandpass filter set to formant frequencies you want. Wikipedia only gives formant f1 and f2 values but those are enough for recognizable vowels. I assumed f1 filter is wider than f2 filter.

Comb filter with switchable programmable presets would be funny thing.

That is really cool!!!
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why i can’t dl this attachment?

Good question. I don’t know, I can even download it myself!

Here’s the original file uploaded somewhere else:

Should work again now…


I tried using TouchOSC for this and it works, though the mute unmute mapping in inverted, any ideas how to do this? I’m pretty new at this…