Top 5 Features That Would Make Your Life Easier

Just wondering what everyone’s top 10 list of amazing features they’d like to see added to renoise are

Here’s mine, arranged in order of personal importance! (taktik is going to kill me.)

  • Track freezing, so that with the click of one button, Renoise will render the output of a track to a temporary sample (not a visible instrument) and use that for playback until the track is unfrozen again

  • A grouped vst/i+patch panel that groups both VSTs and individual patches by some sort of meaningful tag

  • Audio tracks, so that long samples such as vocals will play properly starting anywhere in a song

  • Pattern zoom, so I don’t have to use 400bpm for a 100bpm track, screwing up VSTs’ timesynching

  • An arranger that allows you to move patterns around on a timeline… must allow multiple pattern overlapping, and (if implemented) audio tracks … timestreching optional :P

  • Proper device routing… so that you can create complex, layered effect chains, mix channels, etc

  • More metadevides, such as a sidechain metadevice, more LFO options, etc (metadevice SDK, anyone?)

  • Some sort of sample/beat chopper that allows the use of markers in a sample to denote where chopping should occur… and of course a 09xxlike pattern effect that will trigger from that spot

  • Stereo sample editing… right or left channel editing, % based mix paste, etc

  • VSTi Freezing, so you can freeze a range of notes from a VSTi to a multisample instrument

    :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

note: I know the topic says 5… I started with 5, but I just had to add more :P

  1. .XRNS to .MID conversion (i.e. export of MIDI-files).
  2. .XRNS to .MID conversion (i.e. export of MIDI-files).
  3. .XRNS to .MID conversion (i.e. export of MIDI-files).
  4. .XRNS to .MID conversion (i.e. export of MIDI-files).
  5. .XRNS to .MID conversion (i.e. export of MIDI-files).

But we should give the developers some rest now. Fortunately there are already workarounds for freezing and syncing audio-tracks, MIDI export etc for those of us who desperately needs them. B)

I believe there will be a new voting round for the next majour version, so listing up desired features wouldn’t be a bad thing. :)

Mine would be, as stolen from Byte-smasher (cos I’m lazy and you wrote them so beautifully)

  1. An arranger that allows you to move patterns around on a timeline… must allow multiple pattern overlapping, and (if implemented) audio tracks … timestreching

and that includes

  1. audiotracks

  2. Possibility to expand the RNI-view, more easily move around the samples within an instrument. Maybe a mode within instr.edit?

  3. pattern zoom would be brill… For now, delay command will suffice. dxx is fun! :)

can’t really think of anything more right now. I’m really happy with what we’ve got!

  1. A grouped vst/i+
  2. An arranger
  3. Track freezing
  4. Rewire
  1. beatslicer
  2. audio-in track
  3. draw in waveform thiny
  4. timestretch tool in sample edit

an extended pattern-sequencer a.k.a. the arranger, please.
thanks :D

1 - In the sampler: Remember what my recording input is
2 - In the disk op: If I haven’t double clicked on a directory to make it my home, please remember where I was and don’t default to ‘Documents and Settings’
3 - In full screen mode: When minimised, please don’t force Renoise to open when I close my last window on the desktop

  1. USB->Brain-Device for direct Brainsynthesis :)
  2. Midi-Export
  3. Paragraphic EQ
  4. Nibbles
  5. IRC-Client for #renoise

Thanks to the new XML format this can be done, by you, or any other third party coder. Why would the community waste the time of the core team when this could clearly be done by anybody else?

I googled +nibbles +vst and got the RENOISE forum on top. Not surprised. Than I found this. Kinda surprised… :huh:

You all got some strange desires to make your life easier…
My top five is simple:
1 - Love
2 - Happiness
3 - Respect
4 - Wisdom
5 - Wealth

Who needs love when you have Renoise?

HAHA… love Marc Shake’s #5

G’day Sausagen, B)

The problem a find with Dxx is that the command gets applied to every note across all columns in the track. Unless I’m missing something, this makes Dxx useless for me. :(

From a developmental aspect, the best way to deal with that problem is to create a “delay” column-type (along with volume & panning). I suggest the value being a percentage and not a “tick”…

With the XML format the way it is, pattern zooming could be tricky.

I’ve always thought the best way would be to control the speed using BPM/Resolution. So “BPM = 120, RES = 8” would mean that for every beat, there’s be 8 rows. If you need more resolution, make RES = 16. If you want swing/triplets, make RES = 9 (a multiple of 3 instead of 2). Using BPM exclusively would keep the tempo based VSTs happy.

(back to pattern zooming …) …

Rather than pattern-zooming … have pattern-folding? … this keeps the internal structure of the file format the same, and the only modification is on the interface level. So you could have a VERY VERY fast track speed, but you’re only showing every 4 rows.

  1. A pencil tool
  2. Ablity to draw smooth curves in automation/instrument editor (i.e. Free form automation)
  3. Built in line in device with every track (Makes for instant recording)
  4. Better built in fx’s
  5. drag n drop midi/samples into the sampler/instrument panel
  6. Eraser Tool
  7. MMC support
  8. more intergration/support with hardware. Just simple stuff like a midi dump feature or scsi transfer. Now that would be bad ass. Transfering samples from renoise to your hardware via scsi/midi dump.
  9. a sort of network collab feature.
  10. World peace.
  • spring cleaning: dedicated columns for delay, offset, retrig (with the goal of getting rid of special effects in the column and pan colums completely, that is, reducing them to a convenient shorthand, not a necessity when using multiple not columns). Also more effect digits, higher effect parameter resolution… ohhh, how about this -> effect columns that apply to just one note column instead of the whole track? So instead of like it is now

[note column1] [note column2] [fx column1]

it might look like this:

[track fx column1] [note column1] [note column1 fx column1] [note column2] [note column2 fx column1]


  1. one (better two) more digits for beatsync (vs. current limit of 512)

  2. dragging and dropping files and folders in disk op

  3. being able to resize the top pane (for disk op. and instrument list… no idea what to do with the stuff on the left of the top pane though, I wouldn’t mind it being cut off / having unused space personally)

  4. automations across patterns

  1. Track Grouping + ability to minimize tracks.
  2. Improved / Bigger file browser and sample library. **
  3. Subtick timing (improved tick resolution)
  4. Improved, Non snapping Automation.
  5. Easyer ways to pitchbend for midi/vsti synths.

** (Moving the file browser from the top frame to the middle frame would be perfect too for some bigger space, and adding the sample library as a expandabe thingy just like “adv. edit” would be really neat)

I’m not sure if you are aware of this already but you can also use the Dx command in either the volume or panning column for the same effect. Unless you are working with higher speeds than 16 and/or use the volume and panning columns for …volume and panning, then this should work as a solution.

I liked the BPM/RES and the folding ideas though and I think resolution and phasing out the old tick system should be the number one priority for the next version.

Isn’t the old system already phased out?
I thought that was what gave us true BPM now.

Hell, I’m here, so adding to chaos:

  1. Arranger
  2. Wavetrack (with common editing options like cutpaste and crossfade, freezing and having effects on individual clips)
  3. Scripts for non-destructive (and destructive, just push apply) logical control of everything
  4. More metadevices, sure an SDK would be useful
  5. Disk-op
    (6. Beatslicer)
    (7. MMC)

But vvois’ list is a lot better.

  • multilayered samples
  • more tracking commands (FT2’s Lxx, Xxx, Hxx)
  • velocity metadevice
  • link metadevice (ability to link parameters)
  • no religions