Trimming multiple samples by the same amount

I have imported multiple stem wavs into separate instruments. Each of them has the same period of silence at the start and I want to trim the same amount from each sample in a reliable way (ie, without having to manually select the area by using the mouse). If batch trimming is possible too, this would be fantastic.

xCleaner Tool

This Tool does a bit more than what you are asking, but has an option to trim leading/trailing silence.

Thanks @rainydayshirts but this doesn’t quite do what I want. The samples all have a differing amount of silence at the start, so I’m looking for a tool which will let me cut the a specific amount of time from the start of each sample. xCleaner looks cool though!

So you still want some silence on some of the samples?

Edit: Found another tool on the forum that might be worth a look.

dSample Trim

Just keep in mind that you might have to ask @taktik for a link to the tool (unless someone has a copy) and it may not work (without modification) in the most recent version of Renoise.

(Also maybe consider an external command line program such as sox to trim a fixed length from the start of the wav files. Note that depending on how many wav files need to be processed, you may need to write a batch file/shell script to loop through the files.)

I know you probably don’t want a recommendation for paid software but I’ve been using Goldwave for more than 15 years and you can do a great deal with its batch processing, including this, very easily.

Thanks everyone for being so helpful. What a nice community :slight_smile:

I’d read about dSampleTrim before but couldn’t find the link to the tool. And as @4tey says, it may not work with the latest version. In fact, I’m having problems with xCleaner freezing.

@vegeta897 - I used to use Goldwave back in the 90s! Incredible that it’s still going.

Omitted to say that I’m on a Mac. Think the quickest solution will be to use GarageBand. I can load all the stems and set the start point for each track really easily.

There’s also always Audacity if we’re going 3rd party.

Within the API are there any forms of …?:

  1. …determine the length of a sample.
  2. …cut the sample in said length (or in a shorter one).

I still do not know very well all the ins and outs of the API to manipulate samples. But if those 2 points are possible, it would be relatively easy to build a tool for this purpose.

Length of a sample might be:[1].samples[1].sample_buffer.number_of_frames

Cutting the sample data to a length I suppose you would have to create a new sample buffer, copy the sample buffer data you want into the new sample (within a loop) and then delete the old sample? Could be slow though on large samples with a large trim area and also doing it in a batch loop. Note that that was specified by re.dread with his dSampleTrim tool:

WARNING: Batch trimming samples can take quite a bit of time!

(Also quickly see trimming from sample_buffer )

Thanks @rainydayshirts - I have Reaper as well. Was hoping I’d avoid having to learn yet another package, that’s all :-/