Triplet Button In Advanced Edit

I think it’s better if there is “Triplet button” in Advanced Edit.
Maybe we had better use delay column for inputting Triplet, since we can change TPL freely even after inputting data.
But, the calculation is very puzzling for me.

For example, Triplet in 8line:
256 x 8 / 3 = 682 … 2
so, we should divide 8lines(2048) into “683, 683, 682”, maybe.
so, hmmmmmm…

00 C-4
01 —
02 C-4 AB
03 —
04 —
05 C-4 56
06 —
07 —

is this right? :rolleyes:

I want a function like this image:

with 8 lines, you mean lpb of 8? If so, doesn’t this just mean every 3 lines? (Since lpb 8 = speed 3) Lol at tempo discussion getting more and more confusing with every renoise release :wink:

? Joking?? :D
Yeah, indeed it’s a bit confusing.

If using Dx command in panning column (LPB 8 & TPL 12),

00 C-4
01 —
02 C-4 D8
03 —
04 —
05 C-4 D4
06 —
07 —

This is easier than Delay column, but still it’s confusing for newbies, maybe. ;)

I would not use the delay column for such tasks: when you exactly know the delay value to use (i.e.: you are not performing humanization or live recording), Dx in pan column is easier

How would it work if you have many notes?
Also, what kind of triplets? 1/4T, 1/8T, 1/16T? It would require additional options.

Anyway, instead of that I’ll re-post what I already posted in another thread. This picture:

Not necessarily like that, but a quantize function that you could select for either each track separately or globaly for the whole pattern.
It would only serve to for note-input and display. You could switch it anytime and it wouldn’t affect playback (of course).

BTW, that picture was made before the new delay column. It could now include the delay column, or the pan column with Dx…
Actually there wouldn’t need to be empty space between notes, for now. Everything could stay as it is (graphically), the quantize would work for you just like editstep. So basically, we’d have an improved editstep with a more musical timing.
edit: made a new thread for this.

You can easily make triplet by changing LPB.

Dx x value depends on your TPL setting.

Yes, I know. it’s very simple and Tracker-ish good point.
But all other tracks are affected by the method.
It may be the best method if we can set the LPB to each track individually, but probably it’s very difficult to implement. (I’m not a developer, though)

I would like to know how one can do this !?


Simply you should just use the number which can be divided in 3 in LPB value.(6, 9, 12, etc)
Also you can change LPB by F1xx command in your song.

Now I feel that LPB 12 makes sense indeed. It’s simple and works fine for me enough.
Maybe I should change the LPB value in my template song to 12. B)

good one. :badteethslayer:

Recommended if you plan to use triplets more. 24 is even better cuz it allows presice note resolution for both straight and triplet notes without delay commands, which are more handy for f.ex. humanizing timing.

Ah, yes, but 24 is too fast for my eyes. ;)
I like 12 very much.

Anyway, thanks to your advice, I can convert my brain into v2.0.
We had better think Delay column mainly as for humanizing and grooving. :)