Turn off pattern editor auto centering?

Sorry if this is easy to figure out, but I couldn’t think of the right search terms. Can I turn off the pattern editor automatically centering when I click to move the cursor?


This has been requested SO many times…it’s definitely the single most annoying problem with Renoise in my opinion.

I find Renoise so much better to operate using the keyboard exclusively …

His question has nothing to do with using the mouse or keyboard, the problem he’s describing still exists either way. The cursor is always centered making it very difficult to see the beginning of a pattern when scrolling down…many people would prefer an Excel/Jeskola Buzz scrolling option. I honestly find the current way of scrolling so annoying that I almost didn’t even purchase Renoise.

oh, now (belatedly) I see the point :blush:

For excel users, yes highly annoying :P

And several other great trackers besides Buzz as well. The way it currently works makes no sense with today’s higher resolution monitors. Not being able to see the first beat of a pattern when scrolling down …even though it would all easily fit on the screen, is just bad design in my opinion.

A somewhat related question: is there a way to change the highlight scroll speed? If I’m trying to highlight a large chunk of pattern oh my god it takes forever because it scrolls down at the same speed as if you were scrolling with the mouse wheel. Which it makes sense for the mouse wheel to only move one line per tick, and that’s fine, just when I’m highlighting something it takes a loooong time.

what for ??
why u need to see the first beat anyway?

higher resolution monitor? in how small you want to be looking at the stuff ?
that’s what I would find annoying, or really tiring at least

hey, get over it
it’s a feature, not a bug … or, it’s actually a concept (!)

… it’s the “background layer” which is scrolling, like a tape under a fixed head … not like jumping with a selector on a fixed 08:15 excel sheet view, poking around with the mouse

ya man

  • of your chunk of pattern, select just the top left corner
  • now leave that so and go (not select-scrolling) to lowest right point of your chunk
    (using side scrollbar or “pg dn” key, which moves swiftly)
  • while holding the shift key, click right there now
  • voilà … whole chunk selected at once
    (works the other way around as well b.t.w. … from lower right to top left)

Yes, like 'nix already said, use more keyboard. When you use Renoise for some more time you’ll get used to Ctrl+B and Ctrl+E for setting begin and end of selection (later on you learn the Alt+Q/W/A/S/Z/X/T etc shortcuts)

It’s a feature indeed. This is how I like to think about it… But just a switch somewhere in prefs or combined button with the regular ‘follow’ might not hurt.

I’m sorry but anyone who can’t see the disadvantage with the current way of scrolling either hasn’t used any other trackers or is just being a fanboy. There’s absolutely no advantage to having it scroll this way, so calling it a “feature” is somewhat laughable. Try using Impulse Tracker or Jeskola Buzz and you will see exactly what I mean. I understand some people might actually prefer the current way for some reason, but people have been requesting this alternate way of scrolling for quite a while now.

I know Impulse Tracker quite well, but Impulse tracker is not Renoise. Buzz is not Renoise.
I needed a little while to get adjusted to Renoises workflow after having to kiss IT goodbye, fair square, but that is what you have to choose for when changing to a complete other program.
I adept to what the program is designed for to use or designed to do. I don’t demand developers to change stuff in their product and make it behave like application X; I made those mistakes in the past, but i understand some things about having to make choices in life for yourself as well…
You can’t have everything in life without sweating for some of them…

Just completely aside from the auto-centering issues mentioned here:just consider the idea where the dev’s certainly want Renoise (or any devteam concerning their project) to maintain a certain identity by keeping key-behavior intact rather than mimicking or stealing ideas from other software and dropping what was initially.
Not only to stand out, but also be recognizable and in the most rediculous cases, possibly avoid patent subpoenas.

the way i see it, Renoise is quiet well thought out conceptually and things are the way they are in order to support a certain kind of workflow.
it is highly optimised for a purpose, i would put it.
like a thoroughbred sports car, it doesn’t distinguish itself by the highest comfort or completeness of a long list of features …

sure, this brings limitations, but in turns it makes it easier to feel it out how to “play” it.
if one is willing to engage with it.

it would be silly if a guitar player took a violin, strums it and complains that it has no sustain, the neck is too short, not enough volume in the body, an two strings and all the frets are missing
each instrument is meant to be played in certain ways
and guitars are poorly designed anyway, no pedals … look at the piano how many strings it has to offer …