Updates.. any news?

Hi there I was wondering if the Renoise team are currently working on a new update?

Yes, and everything is going according to plan. Renoise development has not ceased if somebody got that silly idea from somewhere. :)

Beta will come when beta will come though. Until then, just enjoy what the current version has to offer and extend that with the latest selection of tools.

Now, something to quickly make in the last month, as always. bad trend for the time that I use the new features added to the license really small, it is depressing.


explanation plz

Renoise Dev do not and never have given interim progress updates! It always has and always will come as a happy surprise when the next glorious beta gets posted up. Going on a vague pattern the last few years have followed many are hoping we will see this very soon! Just don’t expect anything in wat of promises for timescale or features…

Look how many good ideas over the years created in the “ideas.” while yelling at forum will not, no one stirs

litle simple about “group track”;

how many years it took to implement this function?

No one owns a future version of Renoise.

If you don’t enjoy what you have now, you have wasted your money and should move on.

enough bullshit. if you lack the resources, costs to hire more people and make a higher charge. I do not mind paying more leash I had these functions.

Doesn’t work like that.

Renoise is a product, not a service. There’s no magic formula where your money decides the roadmap. This advice is for everyone, including me.


I think there is still such a thing as common sense.

Or you could learn to program and make the piece of software exactly as you want! Just as feasible really…

There is and it is being used extensively.
Not only that you get new gadgets, but also that your old shit still works like it used to work.
Also, as long as the majority (including me) hasn’t the flattest idea of how the programming structure of Renoise is, telling that something is simple to implement is just a guess while the devs are in the best position to determine what is simple and what not.

Some desired features that haven’t been implemented yet and may look simple, are estimated to eat up development time for almost a entire subversion.
So perhaps one day, there might be a Renoise version that doesn’t bloat with a long change log, but those very few features that are stuffed into it will most likely be very long anticipated features.

i speak about obvious problems: midi import, osciloscope, join projects, bars, mixer… this a huje list. i see many identical topics. problem with automatic lowering of the volume, was solved several year… i think its bad trend: if you dont like, go to hell. if there were alternatives… I’m glad you guys are doing their job. But I would like that you are not on the floor started throwing road. feature works on half feel just do not work. Thank you for your understanding.

have nice day

Well, nobody literally said that, but the actual policy is:“if you can’t bring up the patience, then try an alternative”
Don’t forget, that every release still comes with a batch load of new stuff, also including small obvious fixes and enhancements.
But releasing a version with just only small updates won’t cut it for the majority. But i could suggest to leave small updates, addons and tweaks for the maintenance updates.
Though, if the Midi import hook in the Lua engine would be allowed to parse the file prior to Renoise treating it (which in the current state means deleting your current active song to be able to load the midi file), my hands are itching to do midi pattern conversions to tracks in existing songs etc.
It would open up a whole world for Midi conversion and interpretation tools.

There are enough small things to be treated. They just can’t be treated all at the same time. I suspect the Dev’s list on these is bigger than yours, simply because your needs are only part of what so many need.

What I like with the Renoise updates is that they come right in time, especially when I’ve finished to play with all the new features from the last update.

For now, I didn’t finished to fully explore all the possibilities, provided by the actual features, and, I would feel a bit overwhelmed, if too many new things had to come today.

just one question: renoise its toy or music tool for work?

Normally I don’t argue with this kind of things but: Jalex, just shut up if you don’t fully understand what you’re talking about.
There are many things to take in account for the devs before implanting a feature. Even if it’s painfully obvious to your eyes.
if you want to please everybody, they would make an Renoise version for everybody. In fact they did! they gave users the ability to hack at a great level.
If you aren’t happy with their roadmap. go to another DAW. it’s nice to have a choice in life.

I think, in vain

Edit: not going in to this.