Velocity Automation

This is a very “obvious” feature, IMO, and I’m sure some have already thought about it. But I didn’t see it suggested explicitly so here it goes:

It would be nice to have the possibility to edit the velocity values for notes, just like it’s done for pan, vol, width in the automation window.
Doing this would affect the velocity (aka “volume”) column in the pattern editor. So there would be numerical values written in the pattern as well.

If there are more note columns in a track then all the columns should be affected. I think this would be more popular than editing a single column; think about chords, for example.
If you wanted to edit only one column you could press a button somewhere or hold a modifier key (Shift).
(Anyway, this could be defined in the preferences…)

AND: you could highlight a selection (of notes/columns) and edit that.

yes I’ve suggested this before; would be very handful indeed.

bump ^_^

zTracker has a pretty nice pattern view mode that displays notes based on note velocity.

Oh, nice! :)

Another reason for vertical automation, with velocity as well. It would really speed up the editing sometimes.


I use to write classical music with an orchestral VSTi and velocity is essential. Today, when i want to change velocity of a part of my music, Renoise forces me to enter velocity note by note and it’s an important time loose and an ungrateful work… :confused:

I don’t know if developping this feature is as ungrateful as changing the velocity note by note each time, but, please, i really, really want to have this improvement ! :)

hi angh,

if you are using some Kontakt-related VSTi, you could still solve this by adding a modulation in Kontakt which bounds the velocity to a CC.
if you need help with this, please send me a private message.