Very Nice... So Far...

So I just got into Renoise, proper…

I used it a few times on and of over the last few years but never really liked it…

Now I am well into it…


This is the beginning for me…

What are your major issues and pains with this Software?

I would like to know so I can work around…


the good thing about renoise is, that there is no real major pain.
the bad thing about the above statement is, that it is unfortunately only half-true ;)
seriously, working with vocals is not that funny in renoise, for example.

from my experience, working with vocals is rarely funny.

some things that come to my mind instantly :

-handling long samples is a real pain, be it vocals or tracks from other artists. the workaround is to chop them up to 4bar or 8bar-pieces, which can be done very nicely in audition (using bars/beats as timescale instead of minutes/seconds and using the “snap to frames”-thing), but its still a major pain.

-the bpms are not correct, another problem if you tend to work with (material from) other people using logic, cubase or anything else. they tend to get very stupid faces if you tell them your track has 122.009856 bpm. sounds more funny than it is.

-there are some problems with automation, small changes for values tend to sound choppy (or staircasey), thats bad too.

but for some upsides :

the program itself is rocksolid, if something crashed it then it was a stupid vst-plug. and if you are used to trackers, this is the best program you can get. I can nail my ideas to the floor in very little time and on the other hand the freedom to experiment is mindboggling.

True. I start using trackers on the Amiga with Protracker. Then I used FT2 and now I use Renoise. It’s the best music program I’ve ever used… :yeah:

welcome wormjar.

keyjazz (type of chord-record)

vst-support (e.g. program-changes)
old tracker-style (shortcuts)

no mixer
no multiple automation-view
no multiple pattern-seq

everything said before. sry, its more like a summary

Don’t know what you mean with vst management (which vst management), but the other two issues will be a lot less painfull or completely solved in the next edition.

…sounds like you just answered your own question :)

The lack of it can be a pain sometimes when you have a lot of VSTs to keep track of.

Maybe not that important but at least a better answer than Johan’s reply…

Since “Which vst managament” can be resolved by several techniques.
Switching the sorting option to sort by manufacturer name is also one of the few possibilities. Sorting on the folder structure is another one and then we have an idea to create own VST categories where the plugins can be attached under and being sorted upon that.

Take your pick, i did not answered my own question up to the detailed point i wanted to know exactly.

Another workaround for this issue would be to use energyXT as a plugin similar to the workaround I have written about here:…5bb797bd9e1a2a6

XT can play back a long sample in sync with renoise from wherever you start in renoise.

Thanx for the clarification vvoois!

I didn’t realize your “which” related to a bunch of ideas, as I’ve only seen the discussion about custom grouping, not sorting on author etc before. Anyway, my point was only to clarify that there kind of is no VST management atm.

yes the vst management is bugging me to. It would be nice if you could use the keyboard to skip through characters of the plugin you wish to initialise in the vst window. (does this make any sense? sorry, my english) Especially for us artists downloading the complete kvr list :) (and what not ;)

hmm, I would like to have the protracker like eq-bar thingies in the pattern-tracks, pulsating with every beat, tracking the volume value…making it easier to see if a track is silent or not, so you can glob more stuff in it, without cutting the sample tail. (oscilloscopes don’t really work for this imo)

Some kind of beatslicer thingy that would import & distribute samples a cross an instrument would be cool to. Oohh, so many wishes & I haven’t even bought the damn program yet! sorry

Last thing, similar to the vst selection irritations I have… is the disk browser section. If you have to scroll through gigs worth of tiny samples the lill window just doesn’t cut it. I’d rather see some standard windows-window pop-up for that kind of managing.

other than that renoise is the shiznit.

grtz rico

So… how are you rendering your tracks again?

alex- you can always record the output of the program into your sound card
some other guy - yeah but then the quality isnt as good and blahblahblahmuted

in the sample browser, it’d be nice to be able to scroll through the samples, while auditioning automatically, with the keyboard - bashing a button’s always easier than fiddling with a mouse or touch pad… maybe another button to load the sample - more bashing, less clicks

i also like the idea of patterns within patterns

He renders each pattern to sample and then saves the samples to wav, then pastes them together in his illegal copy of Adobe Audition :P

There are tons of ways to circumvent the demo restrictions which I’m not gonna elaborate on here.

I believe in H2o’s credo: try before buy

and I’m defenitely getting a legal copy of Renoise.

Just got into Renoise and I’m really enjoying it :yeah:

There are two things that I think would really improve it IMHO:

  1. The ability to change the sample start of a sample. I know you can do sample offsets, but isn’t each sample split into 256 parts? Surely you lose accuracy with longer samples? Being able to adjust the sample start, like in Kontakt for example, would be really sweet for layering -it can be a pain trying to sort out phase problems with sample offsets.

Or have I missed something?

  1. Being able to minutely adjust faders with the mouse wheel would be nice. I absolutely love the mouse wheel utilisation in Renoise, and I think this would be the icing on the cake!

Still, Renoise is top notch. Keep up the good work :)

Bantai: i think he meant not the offset command but adjusting sample start in sample editor…

Vvoois: its nice to hear that BPM issue is solved in next version… can i ask what method was used for solving it?

you can use sample offset along with tiny note delays to sort out most phasing issues i find… although i can sort of envisage a sample offset within a sample offset system…?

but yeah, trigger points set up in the wave editor would probably work best - so maybe you can have up to 16 flags on a sample (maybe more?) and a command much like 900 offset to playback from one of the flags

oh yeah, sample invert would be useful sometimes

i’d really like the old bar graph display in the window back again - the line graph is chaotic and unpleasant (imo) - it doesn’t really tell you anything useful either… i always find the high top-end unrealistically prominent and the bass seems to be sampling too fast so it just wiggles around all over the place… there’s always Voxengo SPAN (freeware RTA) for that anyway

i’d rather see something slick looking in there - bars were useful - but some kind of basic light synth or winamp style visualizations would be nice