Voice Sample Trigger

Hello, I am trying to figure out how I can get a voice sample sample to trigger and then re-trigger, in order to get that authentic scratch effect as though using proper turn tables. Not really sure if I’m explaining myself properly so apologies in advance, i know there are lots of commands like B0/B1 which reverse samples etc but wondering if there is one to to re-trigger samples, if anyone can assist me with how I might go about this please let me know. Thanks


You would need a combination of B0 and the sample offset command to time your triggers on a new note input, perhaps combined with the retrig command in an extra effect column (you can expand up to 8 effect columns).

Thanks, I will have a sift through the manual and see what commands I can find, I’m asking you guys because this area is not my forte and get confused easily.

Appreciate the advice


What do you mean by “retrigger a sample”?? Just play the sample again by placing a note where you want it to play again, no?

For a vinyl effect it also helps to use a pitch bend down (0DXX) a line or 2 before the BO reversal and sample offset command and a pitch bend up (0UXX) immediately after to simulate the effect of a record being abruptly slowed down/stopped and then whipped backwards.

You might want to check out this thread too:

So as to get that vinyl sort of feel when a turntable is pulled back, sorry i didnt think i was making sense, i have tried just triggering the sample again but it doesnt seem to sound right, not bad but not akin to a proper vinyl scratch, if thats even possible on renoise???

It’s a pretty basic, shit example but hopefully this will give you the general idea until someone else can offer something better:


You probably want to add some note offs or extreme volume-column commands to recreate cross-fader action and I’m sure with some experimentation and patience your could faithfully recreate a variety of turntablism techniques - crabs, flares, etc.