Vst Effects Sorted By Directory Structure

Ok, this has been requested before, but I still want it and it still has not been implemented. So why not to make the VST effects in effect list to sort into subdirectories according to the directory structure of the VST folder?

Would be “kind of” handy to have.

Man, I’m dying to see this implemented. Dying, I says.

This would definitely be a big improvement to workflow, there is a lot of time spent at the moment mouse-wheeling through the list.

Another thing I was thinking about with regards to this is that maybe you could have a search box at the the top of the list. If you type in a letter/s it would take you immediately to the match in the list.

i.e. type in: C
and it would take you to the first C in the list, e.g. compressor

type in: Cr
and it would take you to Crusher VST

type in: P
and it would take you to the first P in the list i.e. PhaserVST

I think a combination of these or one or the other would be a great improvement on the way it is at the moment.

this and other similar ideas have to wait because we firstly need keyboard focus to implement them.

This is a feature which is more difficult to implement than you may think, but will be done

I can see needing keyboard focus for the “search” capability, but what about just simply implementing a tree structure? It would seriously make such a huge improvement in my ability to work in Renoise.

I’ll second that.

A tree structure where the nodes are the manufactor names, like

[+] Waves

or a structure where the nodes are the folders in the vst dir ?

[+] MyDir2

I think that with regards to the tree structure this way would be better as the user has control over the directories and could then for example put all his/her eq`s under one node.

U are so sweet taktik. :lol:

As I see it there is much more flexibility in the latter option, although the first is not bad either. In effects case I propably still would favour the last one. I’ll propably make some favourites folder or smthing and then sort all others by manufactor, or sumthing like that.


Every VST plug has a manufactor property.

I also think that using the real directory structure will be a big mess. So having them sorted after the manufactors (like in cubase) for now, will help a lot. We can still have this userdefinable structure later.

I was thinking about that too, but for me it would not be such a pain in the ass to arrange them. I understand your poin tho, and am pleased to see even the manufacturer-type of sorting. So pleeze, next Alpha? :)

What about neither though, but rather allowing a user to set up folders WITHIN renoise, a la Soundforge?

I would love to be able to creat a folder for “Delay Effects”, and then move the plugins I felt deserved that into those. This could be accomplished via a separate window which could be triggered by a “sort VST Plugins” button in the Config > Misc area maybe?

That directory structure maybe could just be stored as a header in the CachedVSTs.xml file -

I know that actually sorting the directory itself could cause installation problems, but having it rather be just Renoise-driven would solve that IMO -

Just my $.02 - but then, ANY solution would be better than the current one.

Thanks a lot for thinking about this, taktik!

the sorting of the VSTi-menu in the instrument settings also dependent to the manufacturer, please!

How could this look like ? Any idea ?

If it is possible to have both left AND right aligned text it could be done like this:

Vst: LegacyCell KORG  
Vst: Polysix KORG  
Vst: Absynth 2.0 Native...  
Vst: Reaktor Native...  

But we’ll probably hear from ppl that like it in alphabetic order…

How 'bout sumthng like this?

*mda ePaino  
*mda Piano  
Native Instrumenst_____  

So that everything is in alphabetical order, frst manyfacturers, then VST’s under them? I’m sure u have better ideas for separators and headline highlights, the lines&spaces etc. are there just to illustrate the point.

e:fixed quote & some stuff




that’s all ‘I’ need B) … the manufacturer name can be shortened (“SMARTELC …”)

Kameleontti’s idea is also nice but will increase the length of the menu too much. in my opinion increasing of the length should be avoided.

Yup it could work that way, but I was thinking that maybe it is easier and faster to read if you don’t have too much lines starting with same text, although if f.ex. Native Instruments is shortened to NI, it definetly improves Korn’s option.

Not my idea, I’m just fine looking it as it is now. But maybr it would be useful to some people, and I think it would not change the usablitiy for me, so I made a suggestion, fearing that something like A.Korn suggested would came true. :)

But you got a point, actually it would make my list very messy, 'cause iI have many VST’s that are the only ones from the manufactor. Then my suggestion would be like very bad idea indeed.
U’re right bantai No sorting for instruments.

It should be sorted by Crap and nonCrap :)

In any case I really think you should have some sort of favorite sorting for both vsti/vst… there are another thread and …another ,discussing this.

It may be overkill for many ‘fewplugin-people’, but almost essential when/if your collection grows to a certain point.

Until this is user definable, I think the best thing is to sort vst by manufacturer and dont do anything to the vsti.

Just mho