VST plugins selection using directory structure

I found a post from 2004 about this, doesn’t seem possible with 3.1.

I’ d like to have the layout of my VSTs be shown in the Track DSP window, rather than by Vendor. In other words, show the director structure of my VST folders.

This was the thread…

You can sort your plugins into custom “folders”, have a look at the context menu. Though the usage is quite a bit messy (also lacking drag’n’drop). You can create those folders also in the favourites section.

ps. I also do not understand, why there is a separate favourites system a.k.a. using stars. Why not simply a permanent, not deletable folder “favourites”? Benefit: Plugins only appear once, drag’n’drop etc. much more easy to implement.

I would support improvements for the VST list boxes.

However there is another method for sorting your plugs can be done using xrnt files, though it is also a bit of work you can organise files and sub files how you want; it may help you:

Yeah, that seems cumbersome. It would be much easier to organize outside of Renoise and just have it display your directory structure. I got spoiled with that feature in Ableton/Reaper when I used them.