Waveform Over Pattern

This is my first post here. Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my native language.
Sorry if this has been previously discussed before but I thought it would be a nice feature to put waveform over pattern editor. With one checkbox you could easily on and off this option. There could be few options, but main should be the current view of waveform made from our sampel or instrument and possibility to timestretch, drag and so on. The same thing could be done with automation, it could be located over pattern editor as layers, and activated with one checkbox from menu below. Automation editor it is not so clearly legible right now.

It could look like that :

hi powieff, welcome to the community. this has been suggested before. see here: Brainstorming: Audio Tracks

If this would ever be taken into account, I’d rather see it next to the pattern note content, similar to adding a new column, when expanding a track. For better clarity.

Ohh it was called audio track :] I was searching for waveform. But main idea is to generate waveform in realtime, while adding commands to pattern editor, the audio track(waveform) would be product of all effects used on this track (it would look like a rendered wave from one track).

Hey powieff, thanx for the picture ! I see this as an addition to the scopes view, a static waveform view or “frozen scope” view. This background waveform view could be a first step toward the “audio tracks” & “freeze track” concepts.

I think Jonas is right, it should be displayed next to the typical pattern notes column.

I think that this visualisation mode should only be available for the edited default track. Why ? Because I can allready see the technical problems behind this simple addition. To include this visualisation philosophy into Renoise, it has to natively use a “realtime render track” technology. Indeed, it implies that those displayed “static” waveforms have to be "pre-rendered’ and updated in realtime, during pattern editing time, and stored in a kind of cache. Since you can link devices to other devices located in other tracks, displaying a waveform for every track with complex chains & sends, could quickly become something hellish, very CPU consuming… Maybe, the static waveform update frequency could be modified by users, for example after 1sec, 2secs, 4,secs, 8secs… of Renoise inactivity…

Maybe only have this for sampled instruments (not vsti), and use the waveform as it is in the sample editor, meaning: don’t take into account pattern command mangling or dsp/vst’s in displaying the waveform.

Horizontals daws like Cubase also don’t visualize the waveform including dsp effects, right? Only when you freeze.

… it would be then something close to an idea I had those last days for the next Renoise release :

when you use a sample-based instrument, while you edit notes & commands, Renoise could display this sample, in a “vertical sample editor” located on the left side of the screen (instead of the matrix view), and in this vertical sample editor, you could see and edit “vertically” the “default sample” (i.e. the sample that is related to the edit block position). I mean that Renoise should be able to detect automatically which instrument/sample is actually located under the edit block, and to automatically select the related instrument in the upper-right panel, and let you edit it in this vertical editor, you see ? I’d like Renoise to be able to synchronise the edit block position and the sample editor content, on a same workspace. I don’t believe in “audiotracks”, but for sure I’d be glad to track music in this kind of framework.