Waveform Overlays

Hi all

I am completely new to Renoise, having just purchased it as there seems to be nothing quite as complete for the Linux platform. Forgive me if my suggestion is already possible (wrong forum), impossible or resolved in a different manner…

Anyway I think it would be nice if Renoise could somehow have an option to show a graphical waveform over/underlay (ghost) image representation within the pattern editor, of particular tracks or some-such.

For instance, if I load a sample that is triggered from the pattern editor, it could display a ghosted waveform of the sound sample for its duration, albeit on a vertical progression rather than the traditional horizontal of other DAWs.

I understand that Renoise is a tracker and doesn’t conform to the same philosophies that traditional DAWs tend to, but I think this could have some benefit in regards to being able to visually beat-match against a sample. I guess it could look pretty cool also, though I’m not sure how resource intensive a ‘feature’ could cost.

Just a thought.

Indeed asked for before, but I wonder how this would look in the pattern editor as it is already so dense with information. I think they’ve implemented something like a vertical waveform in Buzz.