A Sample View In Pattern Editor

im thin it is usefull its only my idea but if renoise have this as a optional function will be great. and transparency bar over a track to control a viev for sequencer<->a sample view.

i make a visualisation of my idea:)

Renoise sample view


Similar things and better handling for large audio files has been suggested many times. Hopefully we will see something soon.

Options to have any track displayed as traditional tracker style, audio track (similar to your idea,) or piano roll (have to be vertical to fit with the others) would be very nice!

check this ;)

I’ve taken this from the one you’ve posted and another one. Plus very badly done buttons at the top of each track to switch between views. Afraid my graphics skills aren’t much but most the work was done already anyway ;)

haha, that is going to scare off so many people, its even scarier than just the pattern editor on its own!

+1 for kazakore and everyone elses suggestions!

no… sexy! B)

i’m having wet dreams about these vertical waveforms…
would improve my workflow insanely much.

+1 for everything vertical (would like to see automation too)

Yeah I would like to see automation there too. Piano roll, audio tracks and automation parts would be re-sizable by stretching. Guess automation would have to be added to main screen by a check box in the current automation area.

oh my god please don’t do that… unless there’s an option to do that or not

the beauty about trackers is not having to see waveforms unless you’re cutting a sample

The whole point is you can select which type of view you want. You try working with long samples without it. Currently it’s quite a PITA!

Same here , I really don’t see the need to display waveforms …they are just distracting …


Don’t see the point neither(atm). Who the fuck wants to edit waves vertically??
We “simply” need higher 09xx resolution (higher syncing of samples than 512).


How about: “nobody, which is why nobody suggested such a thing” ?

Tweaking delay values by ear, in some situations, simply sucks. The resolution is not the problem, the “try and retry without really knowing what you’re doing” is.

It would also be neat for tweaking delay and reverb tails and what not.

But people are generally daft and bite what they can’t eat.

Would be great for lining up my reversed, multi-layered snare hits without having to render them to sample even though I haven’t finished processing. Briefly switch to waveform view, line them up so the all end at the right point, back to tracker view and each sample starts at the correct place (on quite different lines with arbitrary delay values due to different lengths of samples.)

Plus this type of track would play the displayed bit of waveform so you could have a vocal in a single take (or any other live recording) and start from any part of the song and have it play the correct part of the file.

If you can’t see the benefits of this I worry about you.

To be honest, the only reason why I still use Ableton is that I can’t deal with very long audio track in Renoise; I mean, I could, but that would be quite painful.
On the other hand, I believe that the waveform view would be better integrated in the new Pattern Sequence Matrix, so you can still work with shorter patterns and at the same time have a separate waveform.
It would still have a place in the normal view, but only to enter effects and commands.

With something like that (and a piano view with a midi arpeggiator as effect), I would resell my Ableton Live license.

Well this is what’s really essential - I hadn’t thought anyone was suggesting pattern-view sample editing, because that would be ridiculous. It’s just a visual reference, combined with an abstracted system of automatic offsets and internal markers that trigger long samples at the correct points. The visual reference itself could just be a ~10px-wide representation of the waveform that can be toggled on and off. Maybe it would look nice laid over the track with adjustable transparency…yum… Well, not so nice for drums, but lovely for looooong recordings with very few pattern commands :) Now I’m just fantasising.

Anyway, amongst all the features I’m utterly desperate for, I’m most utterly desperate for SOME kind of long-sample sync management. This is mid-90s stuff and makes our favourite DAW look backwards compared to others. (not like I care about such comparisons; I just want not to have to use Sonar/Reaper/Acid/Ableton/etc ever again).


Just some quick food for thought:

Intended to only show a basic view of any sample-based instruments, not VST synths or any other realtime processes like VST/native effects which would require audio to actually be rendered before a sample view could be displayed.

Not intended to be a totally serious suggestion either, haha… This would be a total pain in the ass to implement. But I had Paintshop open already and a few spare minutes of time, so :) Some kinda variation of this in the future might be interesting, though.


but then what happens to a waveform when a sample doesn’t end in the pattern where it began?
you see half waveform in a pattern and the other half in following pattern? or you add more lines until the sample fits?

i’m just curious and obviously if i had to vote i would say Yes as long as it’s something you can select

even though i’m old school here… never saw any waveform in a tracker and never imagined that

and just love when a friend that uses logic, reason or other software gets confused with the way that a tracker works :D