What feature are you hoping for in upcoming Renoise releases?

Would be nice or how about a new simple Mastering screen where it will work on a quick render of the song?

I don’t enjoy that Renoise currently add the quite large latency of disabled mastering plugins and also some people still don’t have the latest CPUs so it could save them some CPU headache.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a render functionality and keep FX separate from the song, so when you are composing the Mastering plugins are properly parked and vice versa to keep the CPU working less and have less latency.

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Agreed, but the mastering thing could be then done with a tool, where you add devices to a group which are part of the mastering. Then you simply could disable/enable the group. Renoise still needs the base functionality for parking, it is not implemented yet.

first post here. hi :slight_smile:

I’m finally learning renoise properly. couldn’t get my head around it before… till having the M8. renoise has clicked now.

id love a fx command list pop-up. hotkey make it pop up kinda thing. basically like m8. then be able to adjust values with hotkey & arrows (value stepper script).

entering manually is probably faster for most users here, I just find the dirtywave approach to fx entry really simple & elegant.


There’s this for now;


cheers Jonas, thanks for the reply.

i find entering commands manually quicker than the current fx list. tbh what I’m asking for probably isn’t that practical in renoise. I just need to get quicker & more comfortable at navigating.

manual entry is fairly quick anyway inn’it. and along with right click dsp parameters to enter values, & the value stepper script (love that thing) it’s pretty damn good as is I suppose.

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I wonder if New Tool: Keybindings Speed Bar speed bar does this, or could?

  1. Full support to load xrns from OSX to PC and PC to OSX without “cant find vst”
    the same VSTi’s can not loaded if we want to collab other artist… !.we lost every vsti and presets.!

only PCtoPC and OSXtoOSX works.

  1. New browser and more preset storage the 4 slots and or Detachable.

  2. better search in dps|vst section, not if you scroll down then search the first find is unseen need to scroll up every new search!!! again an again…

  3. Better Pattern Sequencer view with basic informations, like beats and bars and so on…

  4. Custom colorized sections in pattern matrix and markers and multiple regions to easy loop sections

  5. in track automation view and edit option

  6. vertical waveform display (o.O)

  7. note lenght in pattern view, if note-off is present, like a 25% alpha section or something… or a line like this:


just a short list :smiley:


There is one simple huge feature I miss in Renoise, and which forces me to run two applications with a third application for connecting/syncing them:

The feature simply is…: Audio tracks

I mean the possibility to add as many tracks as needed that are pure audio recordings, rather than instruments or samples.
You know, what most other DAWs are built around (but the other DAWs of course lack the ultra robust tracker/sequencer).

A simple example how this can be implemented:
-You make a rhythm sequence in Renoise (using for example 4 tracks)
-Then you push record, and while a MIDI clock is sent out to the (possibly analog) synth (possibly converted to CV), one starts playing the synth while Renoise records the audio in one continuous track.

Synth- & basslines played & recorded live have something that is ultra hard to achieve while sequencing. Recording MIDI-notes has it’s limitations, and some very fat synths (Moog Grandmother, for example) have basic MIDI, but not all knobs can be recorded through MIDI, as it is an analog CV-driven synth with basic MIDI support.

The MIDI clock can be used to drive the built in Arpeggiator/Sequencer of such a synth. These kind of basic sequencer are very fast to work with, and are made to be played with (modulated on the keyboard.)
Just plain audio recording is the only way to make use of the specific sound and (pseudo-)live performance recording.

Currently I have to make a very advanced setup, using Renoise, where I made a basic sequence (mostly the rhythm part), sending out the MIDI clock to Bome MIDI translator Pro, which in turn sends it to Cakewalk AND to my MIDI interface (connected with hardware synths). Cakewalk is set to receive the MIDI clock from Renoise, through the MIDI Translator, and start recording on pushing play in Renoise, that way I can record a synthesizer performance.

Now I have an audio recording that is synced with renoise.

Technically this works perfectly well, if you keep your head right. You know things like:
-saving/loading three projects (1 in Renoise, 1 in Cakewalk and 1 in Bome MIDI Translator)
-Setting bpm twice (Renoise & Cakewalk)
-Always command two applications anytime you want to record or playback (and thus no intuitive switching between playing and editing the sequence

Apart from that, one doesn’t see the Renoise tracks when in the other DAW, and vice verse, not the recorded DAW tracks when working in Renoise.

This should all be possible to be done within one single application.
By the possibility to add an audio track, which:
-Is intended for long continuous audio recordings
-Plays in whatever position it is at that moment (rather than being triggers, like the Sample and/or vst instruments)
-Shows a rendered audiowave (vertically of course!) instead of notes
-Can of course contain multiple audio recordings per track over time, but always only 1 recording at the same time per track
-Audio is red from disk, rather than from memory (at least I suppose sample instruments are still loaded in memory, just like in Fast Tracker II times?)
-Tracks (or groups of tracks) can be straight exported to one or more audio tracks. (with a default as ‘coupled’ tracks, which could feature a switch as to either play either the sequence or recording on song/pattern playback)
-Is present in a timeline which is fully synced to the pattern sequencer, but actually operating independently.

The last one is important, as the audio recording is continuous, and should:
-continue recording, even if the patterns are looping
-continue playing, even patterns are removed in between

Apart from just the introduction of making and implementing plain audio recordings in the Renoise tracker/sequencer, this would open up many new opportunities in how music can be made. Such as:
-A track could consist of a loop of patterns, but a continuous changing audio recording
-One can start ‘dubbing’ a changed sequence over an audio recording of that same sequence in an earlier state. (with possibly FX over the original audio, such as EQ/filters, gate, delay, …), opening up new ways to make or remix music. This can be done but with the intention to afterwards omit the audio recording in the final track, or just keep it in.

It would make life much more easy, and just run Renoise completely alone to do everything.

Sample Property Macros

Please enable macro registration for the following parameter changes in the sample properties.
This would enable operations like the TR-909, where the sample tone can be changed by simply twisting a knob.
This would be very useful if implemented as standard, especially since Redux does not benefit from Tools.
Sorry if this has already been mentioned.

  • Volume
  • Panning
  • Transpose
  • Finetune


Screencast with sound:


Screencast with sound:



Try @Raul’s New tool (3.4.3): Sample Multi Controller v2.1 build 060 - Get more out of Renoise’s sampler!

It lets you control sample properties via macro

I agree that this would be great via stock renoise, though, too :+1:

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I agree that this would be great via stock renoise, though, too :+1:

Yes, Renoise also has the following Tools that seem useful, but they are not available for Redux.
That is why we would like to see it implemented as a standard feature.

I agree 1000% for the majority of tools as well but I guess it would be up to the original creator as well idk :man_shrugging:t6:

I see Renoise as a DAW that gives the user as much control as possible, everyone doesn’t use it in the same way, so just stuff it with as much variable options as possible and let the kiddies play :joy:

But I would love to see keyboard control of fx parameters, similar to automation which can pretty much be controlled completely by the keyboard

ring mod side chain. It would be cool to have such a tool already in the mixer.
this is very convenient and effectively solves a lot of problems associated with phase and frequency conflicts.

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RMSC already does the job perfectly fine

I feel that one, I’m sure many of us do

OK like others have already said, phase modulation would be awesome, along with a granular mode for the sampler. And to be honest I’m very surprised that they haven’t already made a wavetable mode for the sampler, that kind of boggles my mind. If we’re doing the samples and no synth thing it just makes sense. I’m sure there are some things here and there that I would like but what I’ve listed already would make Renoise “complete” in my eyes. It’s already so so great for not only writing music, but it has become one of my go-to apps for when I’m doing sound design because I can fully produce samples in it… editing and all. And also the interface makes it great for sampling projects, it keeps everything nice and neat. LOL as long as it’s not a 2500 samples pack, I like to keep it to a couple dozen per project, but if I’m sampling something long, like a movie, I’ll use many more slots. ok I’m rambling now, these are my wishes


@theorize Speaking of wavetable synthesis, Ryukau did an update to the OneCycleWaveform page on his sound-generation site - OneCycleWaveform - you can now create sets of wavetables quite easily. From the amount of wavetable cycles (1 - 1024) and the length of the waveform (we use 168 samples per waveform here, but this is useful for any wavetable cycle sample length), and a ton of other stuff to create some really beautiful sounds. I’m using it in Ableton currently and it’s just stunning. If we were to have a wavetable synthesizer in Renoise, we wouldn’t ask so much for FM, because the sounds from the wavetables would be FM waveforms or whatever, less the modulation capabilities. Just imagine, though, the pads and movement one could create from this.

And again, granular please? It’s all about samples.

I love Ableton, but I really love Renoise, and to have this would really round out the capabilities internally. Renoise is so good, I did not need to use any plugins, just sounds generated for sequencing.

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If Polyend could cram WT and Granular into the Tracker hardware box, then it cant simply be a CPU cost preventing it. As you say, WT would make FM moot to a degree with the right Wavetables. Perhaps one day. Perhaps.


Yes, Ryukau make great tools.
But for creating wavetables is easier to use WaveEdit from Andrew Belt (VCV Rack).
It’s an old thing, but a good one.
Unfortunately, it only creates short wavetables (256) in .WT format.
Or use my ReWT tool, which creates this waveform from samples of the same length in the instrument. Limited to a length of 1024 per sample. It goes for a bigger one, but I don’t know where to use it.
Surge can do until 2048 I guess, but I don’t want to lie.


For strange wave table you can used ringmod from MeldaProductions

for PD mix effect used side chain connection

its all free. but monophonic

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