What feature are you hoping for in upcoming Renoise releases?

yes, warp/stretching for slice points would be a great addition to functionality in the sample editor :+1:


Updates. That’s all.

Decimal instead of hex, a piano roll, and user-friendly interface changes to lower the barrier to entry for new users. Oh, and the most advanced AI implementation on earth that can write all my tracks for me based on my linked Spotify playlist and get them into the charts and make me famous and rich, just as long as i don’t actually have to do any hard work.


A real piano.


Don’t forget better marketing :rofl:


real rolls


Taktik back, and parallel container. And vstis in instruments for super easy layering yay

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pianoteq is better than real piano :stuck_out_tongue: (native on linux…) what else do you need? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok. I’ll try once again:
At least horizontal lines which help me to select cop./paste correct part of sample. Otherwise it is very difficult to get correct part of sample without “clicks” .
I select and create a perfect part of sample. Good. But if I need more, its hard to do. All I have is length of selected sample. But it is not enough. I MUST select exactly the same points of start and end of selection. This lines (especial grid lines ) help me select correct points.

There is a horizontal zero line already. Clicks are avoided by cutting the beggining and end of the sample at 0 (zero). You have Snap in the upper right corner. This can snap to 0 Crossing.

Instead of grid lines, maybe a zoom window of the start/stop points would help? I think soundforge had this (have not used it in ages).

Every time I cut a sample I highlight the very last few milliseconds with left lick and drag, then CTRL+SHIFT+O to do a linear fade out. Same for fading in, or just turn on zero crossing snap. Easy to fix.

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The removal of all forms of numbering and lettering input from the software i.e no hex numbers, no note numbers, no letters, all information must be input in a series of highly specific dots and dashes sequences that require extreme precision with 0% margin of error otherwise your song won’t play at all.

Removal all vst support, only renoise stock devices. Plus they all get hidden in the depreciated effects folder every time you start up the software, so you gotta go find them every time to load them up to just to be able to use them. Oh and they all have a 30 minute time out limiter on them as well, at which point you need to restart the software again to continue using them.

Less tracks, there’s too many. We only need like 3 anyways, I mean come on!! Also groups…what the fucks up with groups? Scrap them to…waste of time!!

A piano roll as well, but it’s right to left instead of left to right and you can’t see the notes you input cause you have to memorize them as you put them in… like a REAL musician would do!!

Get rid of the scopes…I don’t like the squiggly lines and bars and stuff moving all around the place when I’m listening to my synthwave masterpiece, they make me feel nauseous and just hiding them makes me nervous knowing they’re just sitting there in the background still going out of sight. Lose them please.

So in general I think we gotta move awaaaaaaay from user friendliness with the software and get really fucking deep into the whole esoteric experience, I’m talking up to our necks in complexity!! Making music should be hard, like really stupidly hard, like it was always meant to be yaknow!!

Oh and also no more regular updates on future relea… actually no we have that already, nevermind!


As someone still relatively noob-ish, thank you for suggesting so many quality of life improvements.


now you gotta come thru on this…

Available on all good streaming platforms soon!! PhotoFunia-1629920029


bahahahahaa :skull:

will buy!

Piano Roll

In case you have missed it. @toimp is working on a totally awesome tool.

Download the Simple Pianoroll tool here
Bow and praise @toimp’s work here

If this video does’nt tickle your senses. You are either a stubborn baby, or a grumpy old fart :wink:


I’m on loop - still hoping for some granular native to the sampler. I have both of the Tools that do single-head granular, now hoping for multi-head granular “built-in”. It’s the pinnacle of sampling! :slightly_smiling_face: whee!

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Yes. You are on loop :slight_smile:

Granular synthesis is great. But. There are already lots of plugins for this.

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Just like there are already lots of programs with piano roll editors…