What feature are you hoping for in upcoming Renoise releases?

None that can be loaded in Renoise as far as I know

I just won’t use plugins - I know and have purchased many of the granular ones. They all suck enormous resources, and I’m not going to buy another computer for a while. None of my songs currently pull over 15% of my processing power and I’d prefer to remain native to Renoise. Loop-do-loop I go! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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oh what’s the point

good bye

audio rate ish meta devices inside instruments, that’d be cool especially in redux or instead maybe midi routing and side chain and vst support in redux also audio rate ish sample envelopes also tools in redux or instead full rewire support so rewire is a fancier redux (rip rewire btw)


Related to: Midi

  • improved Midi Drag&Drop from VST Instrument:
    • option to pre-determine destination track
    • option to pre-determine destination instrument
    • option to spread the midi data across note-columns, filtered by note value. (every individual note value gets its individual column → especially useful for drums)

Related to: Sidechaining

  • easier setup routine for sidechaining:
    • auto-create sidechain device after right-click drag&drop of sidechain-enabled destination device (e.g. compressor) onto the source track (e.g. kickdrum)
      → the sidechain device is created on the kickdrum track. the receiver track + device are selected in respect to the drag&drop action performed.

Related to: Automation

  • easier setup routine for (instrument) automation:
    • “assign automation” check box is added to the bottom of every VSTi GUI window (where “enable keyboard” and “random” options are located)
      → when enabled, pressing a GUI knob/slider/button in the VSTi GUI will not change the value, but assign the parameter in the Instr. Automation Device on the channel with active keyboard focus. A new Instr. Automation Device will be auto-created. Parameters are assigned from top to bottom / left to right in the Instr. Automation Device consecutively. Already present Automation Devices are being ignored / remain unaltered.
  • an option to keep automation data when moving DSP devices
  • cross-pattern automation with spline curves
  • automatable sample loop start- and end-points
  • ability to temporarily ignore all automation per track (per toggle/switch)

Related to: Effect List

  • drag&drop functionality for organizing favorites in the effect list view.
  • sorting options in the effect list view (alphabetical, most used, last added, by vendor, custom)
  • text- and/or color-based-tagging option for the effect list view
  • effect list remembers the last state of collapsed / uncollapsed tree items


  • ability to show CPU load per VST fx (similar to what we already have for VSTi)
  • ability to show a floating window for all active effects and instruments, sorted by current CPU load (CPU load charts)
  • added option in the preferences: disabled DSP devices / vstfx will no longer be taken into account by PDC ( → e.g. currently disabling a latency-heavy device will not reduce overall latency)
  • “Doofers” for VSTi / a.k.a. Instrument Racks: can load multiple instruments in one single instrument slot for layering purposes. Midi cc effects (e.g. pitchbend / modwheel) will be routed to all inserted instruments. Instr. Automation Device is added with an additional configuration layer: “Sub-Instrument#” (next to Instrument#)
  • LFO Device: “frequency” can go much lower than 1.000 LPC
  • LFO frequency can be set to “hz”
  • option switch to make the Sample-Modulation LFO freerunning
  • added “render pattern selection to sample” option
  • detachable DSP chain + automation views.
  • auto-setup option for audio-routing enabled Instruments (e.g. auto-assign outputs to track x till y)
  • less dependencies in the color settings (e.g. “selection back” currently applies to all selections in sampler and automation, but also pattern cursor location, which is often unfavourable)
  • all of the above will be implemented before even considering the implementation of a piano roll. :wink:

:+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This, but in the current instrument fx context. I have an idea here. instrument number could be selected in device on index 1 (optionally and also midi channel), so in the input device on the left of every dsp lane. The automation device could stay as it is. I think then the API could stay almost same, too…?

A slide random option in LFO

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  • import data to current track/track you drag to. (pop-up dialog if MIDI contains more than one track)
  • map to current instrument.

Spread the midi data is in the Split into separate tracks tool by @fladd that I tipped you about. However. That tool stopped development in 2016. And there are some desired functionality missing. eg. Does not remember last used settings. Spreads same notes across many columns in a track

Would also be great if MIDI could be imported to a phrase. So Redux users easily could switch between Renoise and different DAWs, without losing the great sampler and tracker functionality. Insentive to create instruments and phrases that works everywhere.

•more assignable macros per instrument: 16, 24, 32
it’s easy to use up the 8 we get!


I hope that in future more and more features will be removed from renoise, so the community will get more opportunities to implement them as lua tools. Over the course of the next releases the core features should eventually be removed bit by bit, until after some releases only a basic lua interpreter is left. The renoise can be made to do anything! Just you have to code it yourself tho…

This also has the benefit to shorten the interval between releases, as it is easier to remove functionalities than to implement new ones, also bug fixing can reach a new dimension - if a feature has bugs, it is much easier to just remove the feature than growing old over trying to fix the damn bug.

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Some smaller suggestions:

  • Loading plugins (VSTfx,VSTi) in the background (parallel) to improve loading time of songs. Renoise freeze for several seconds on songs with heavy VST’s usage.
  • Initialize midi controllers in the background, too. I’ve a midi controller connected via bluetooth. When it’s not powered on, renoise will freeze for 1-2 seconds till a error messagebox appears.
  • A big one: luajit for tools could improve the cpu usage for heavy tools.
  • “Instrument racks” is something i’ve suggested before: Idea: Supercharged *vsti* instruments
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Heh, quite sure that you are not serious. But indeed, giving the possibility to program at least all macro functionality by the community would be great. Though then the current LUA api then is too slow and too limited. Some examples: plugin manager, all advanced tools, integrated custom windows (not floating), etc. Is that really more easy to program and maintain then, if the API would make such things possible without limitations?

Can we now please focus on realistic suggestions, again?

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Reading the comments about the new functions, I was thinking how much it could change the perception and approach to creating music and caught myself thinking: how much do I need this? I mean that it is quite possible that the existing order has its advantages. And the only need thing that currently corrected is some artifacts associated with adsr.

Extremely necessary something like this:

With mouse very often selection in small areas is nightmare.

By the way, is piano roll legal?

Personally. I rarely use the mouse for anything but coarse selection/cutting.
For fine cutting I use the keyboard. Much quicker and precise. The keyboard gives you the kind of control you are referring to in your screenshot.

eg. My most frequently used keyboard shortcuts:

⌘+←/→ = Move to beginning/end of viewable waveform (Add ⇧ to select)
←/→ = Move cursor left right (Add ⇧ to select)
⌘+↑/↓ = Zoom in/out to cursor
⌘+⌥+A = Zoom out full
⌘+⌥+S = Zoom to selection
⌘+C = Copy
⌘+P = Paste
⌘+T = Trim
⌘+R = Reverse (view/selection)

Bonus, for quick movement:
⌘+0 = Toggle snapping on/off
⌘+1-9 = Change snap mode

The Windows equvalents is just my best guess :wink:

Yes. I know this shortcuts. But thanks anyway.
But if I must do this:


for correcting selecting area, I must click the mouse between select area and basic area. And sometimes “bugcliking” happen and all selection area gone.
That’s why in FT2 such nice and important feature was made.

For adjustment of a selection. You just let go of ⇧, repress ⇧ and grab beginning with ←, or end with →

Stop using that friggin mouse :rofl:

‘Missing’ Button on this tool might help? keep clicking and it jumps to all missing devices. Not perfect as from memory it looks for 0 parameters but works most of the time + you’ll spot the instances it doesn’t.

device sargeant

Also did this that makes the renoise menu more readable:

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