What feature are you hoping for in upcoming Renoise releases?

Was this thread changed from 3.4 to all upcoming releases?

If so, I would wish for the pattern/line paradigm to be thrown away for some kind of freeform arranger. The current system would be just a GUI setting of such a structure. It’s highly unlikely to happen, but anything regarding midi clips, audio tracks and arrangement in general will probably remain a hassle with the old school structure.

Yeah taktik changed the title :slightly_smiling_face:

I just bought me a yamaha tg77 and the potential of using waveforms as modulators is absolutely great .
Zero hz carriers is also the bomb for pure sine waveshaping + the ability to ofset the starting phase .
Greatest fm synth ever made !!!


I top that with more macro per Doofer. At least 32 (why not more… the midi meta thing has tons of controls !)

Also I’d love a built-in vst effect device… get rid of the alias stuff.

Also I’d love a “no sustain between pattern option” that you could re-enable for a given track of a given pattern (either by an effect command or a checkbox).

I find it annoying to have sustain of a previous pattern ringing… and even when you do put a “off” command, the problem will reappear if you rearrange the song.

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It might help to send a command to turn off any track or instrument effects on the note off.

  • Being able to render selection of patterns to sample (by selecting them in the pattern sequence matrix)

  • Being able to snap the envelope points in the track automation to fixed number of lines (for example to snap the point each 4 lines)

  • More Detach options (being able to place the dsp panel under the pattern editor and not just under the mixer, detach pattern sequence matrix)

  • More advanced routing options

  • Being able to use “takes” (switching between different “takes”, sequences in the track). Right now I’m making extra tracks for that purpose and it’s fine when there are not so many instruments in the project, but it gets really messy when there are plenty of them.

  • Vertical waveforms in the pattern editor (not sure about that, just curious if it’s useful at all)

  • More than 4 shortcuts in the file browser (and would be nice to be able give them names that would popup when the mouse cursor is on them instead of the path since it shows anyway when you click on it (or maybe changing color)


For the next versions, I hope everything I asked for Renoise 3.3, except VST3 support :kissing_heart:

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  • increase LFO rate (for FM)
  • phase modulator
  • phase distortion
  • feedback on modulators (mod OUT come to mod IN, to modulate itself)
  • sample modulator (use sample as modulator, free to load any)

Improvements to automation:

  • primarily overcoming the pattern ‘blocked’ approach when drawing it in so one can draw a line over several patterns (or arbitrary number of lines across patterns) and benefit from the new 3.2 curves we can define by dragging the handle. There are a few tools (automasher for example) that do a great job, but it still feels a little clunky, and doesn’t factor in the drag handle, instead adding points to create the shapes.
  • overlaying or stacking automation
  • making the automation panel a main screen, or detachable like the mixer

adjustable modulation routing for instrument - volume should be able to come after filter section

phrases get access to advanced edit

Create reference to sample, so add a sample to the list and choose whether to duplicate, or create a ref to the original. Bit like in the pattern matrix

  • Usage indicator for on/off automation.
  • DIsable/sleep plugins

These would help me a lot personally, some might exist already or there could be scripts but I haven’t found them

  • Better metronome customization (time signatures etc.)
  • Ability to make time signature changes easily (I have to use Reaper because of this)
  • Better autosave (save when not actually working, now it starts saving in the middle of composing and I’m pulling my hair, some kind of adjustable wait time after the last keypress and then save)
  • freedom to choose between hex and decimal
  • visual or snapped note delay (and why not other settings also) selection (most often I use 1/32 1/16 1/8 etc. delays, would be way faster to just select a preset instead of writing a number in hex after thinking two minutes what is 1/8 pause of 256 in hex)
  • some kind of a way to increase resolution temporarily on single tracks, or different resolutions per track
  • negative delay for single notes
  • VST3 support (I guess this is in 3.3?)
  • Automated Kontakt output routing. I use Kontakt a lot but I hate how the output routing works, it’s really a pain to set up, when you start Kontakt in Reaper, Reaper asks if you want it to be routed automatically.
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It would be awesome if you could select an instrument and its aliases, and map the output to channel numbers ascendingly. That simple change change would save me hours with multy outs. :slight_smile:

The ability to break automation pattern boundaries without moving the focus when you just want to join up automation curves across patterns. Again hours saved! :slight_smile:

  • Better Visual Helpers: Being able to highlight blocks of 4/4, by having a slightly brighter background in order for better visual distinction of bars in the Pattern Editor.

  • Freerunning LFOs that won’t reset with every triggered note in the Instrument MOD section

  • better Phrases Managment and being able to load sets of patterns at once

  • being able to skip/disable/mute sequences/phrases in the pattern sequencer

  • being able to assign multiple Mods to a sample in the Instrument

  • Pin Instruments to tracks

  • a new Note FX that is being able to trigger different envelopes in the Mod section on Pitch Pan and Volume


A regularly working developer team, which has the motivation to drive a more public strategy, including to spend more time with Renoise development in their lifes, or searching for programmers which will do this job for them. Not sticking to the oldest ideas in Renoise, which might be outdated nowadays. That said, I am happy with any progress, and VST3 in Renoise will be an extremely nice addition for me already.


Official collaboration with Polyend Tracker

I was attracted to the tracker paradigm by the hardware Polyend Tracker, so having the granular control of samples would be great as ‘long term’ I would love to see Renoise play all aspects of a loaded PT (.mod file?) and increased compatibility for swapping between the two.

The PT would make a great HW controller for Renoise, be great to see it pre-mapped.

Most importantly (and the single feature that won me over on the hardware tracker) is the auto fill. I have taken the liberty of paraphrasing this from the PT Manual as this would be amazing in Renoise as having selectable scales then random or Euclidian fills is getting in to modular territory.

Fill tools

Random – with selectable density in %, randomly fill steps within the selection,
Euclidean – set a number of events from 1 to 32 to generate a rhythmic pattern.
How evenly spaced the resulting pattern is will depend on how neatly the step
length divides by the number of events. For example, an eight-step sequence with
four events will result in an evenly-spaced pattern of one-hit every other step,
whereas an eight-step sequence with five events will result in a less even pattern
with hits falling on steps 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7.
Each 1-32 – evenly fills steps with the chosen interval within the selection,
Scale (only in Fill Note) – applies a chosen musical scale filter for the Note input,
Fx Type (only in Fill Fx) – pick one (or many random) Fx types to be filled into the
sequence steps. Please note that the Random Fx Type does not use the Tempo Fx for

Fill type:
Constant – fills the same chosen value for the selected steps,
From-To – fills in the selected area, evenly distributing the values within the
chosen range,
Random – randomly chooses the values within the selected range.


yep, the fill options & some of the pattern effects (like the “roll” fx) are pretty slick.

I think the “advanced edit” tab in Renoise would be a great candidate to pimp for such fill options. Of course everything can (and prolly already has been to an extend) be scripted in tools. The way these options are tied into the hardware tracker feel pretty unique, with the buttons to immediately access the parameters & jogwheel for altering values, if these would be added into Renoise, making them midi controllable besides keyboard shortcuts would be a must imo for achieving similar (quick) results.


I think better WYHIWYG (what you hear is what you get).

I spend lot of time last days to figure out why some of my mixes sounds different than Renoise play. Not very much different, but enough to start investigating this problem.

First - I check frequency option in settings - but that was dead end. Problem with different working of some plugins on different frequencies are known and described on many forums, so it’s not Renoise fault.

Then I starts working with different output types (ASIO, 32 bits instead of 16) and… after 32 bits was set, differences are gone! Well, Renoise supposed to preview always in best resolution and decrease number of bits at last stage - just before output (if user choose to work with 16 bit resolution). I think now it works different so the more channels, the more silent sounds, the differences are bigger (because final mix is always calculated good).

Second - if render to sample is paid option, let it work exactly how I setup VST instrument, with all effects included.

Third problem - in new version keyboard handling was changed (even if probably nobody noticed that). So it interfere with my other program. My procedure to watch if Renoise is running (for disable some shortcut keys in my system) not working well with new Renoise. So back to “classic” keyboard support will be good.

Also - font is different now. It will be good if I can choose between old, bolder one and new, light one.

Last, but maybe it’s only my lack of knowledge - when I was on channel 12, graph changes font color a little. It’s too subtle difference - maybe some background color change of active sound graph?

  • 16 macros for instrument, or more.
  • Continuity in API improvements and their expansion. There are still things to polish.
  • From the API, ability to overlay already set MIDI mapping settings, without losing it entirely.

There are a lot of details here and there that could be improved

On the other hand, with version 3.2.4 on Win10 x64 and using tools related to handling MIDI input, renoise crashes with no error reports. I don’t know what the cause is.

I suppose it is still very important to keep trial and error testing in multiple circumstances to keep the software as stable as possible. It would not be surprising that with the new VST3 support and MIDI control there may be stability problems.

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Deeper more advanced modulation possibilities, more vst directories, better and more advanced time stretching (non real-time would be fine) , microtonal capabilities, being able to create and save tuning templates the same way in which dsp chains and modulation presets are saved. More advanced groove settings and a greater ability to control them. Better wave editing in the sample editor, would like to see sound forge/reaper type editing capabilities.The ability to load and save text files and also a calculator.

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