What feature are you hoping for in upcoming Renoise releases?

I switch back and forth between these too, and I get the impression that it’s Apple’s anti-competitive tendencies that keep it from playing nicely with Renoise. The best way I’ve found to work is to do as much as I can of the creative work in Renoise, export stems to WAV, and then use the nice studio effects and mastering tools in Logic to polish up the finished product and add any other exotic virtual instruments or vocals.

So here some features which can’t be compensated easily or not at all:

  1. Parallel container, supporting PDC, sidechain, gain for each lane, L/R / M/S switch → getting rid of annoying send track messes
  2. Improved gainer for L/R → M/S and back, switching off L/R and swapping it, as addition to parallel container → getting rid of helper vsts
  3. dsp lanes for VSTis → saving your specific vst preset as renoise preset including the appropriate eq/compression etc
  4. sidechain input device → getting rid of helper vsts
  5. device “parking”, no latency/PDC then → very helpful for composing/mixing/mastering process. A tool could then enable/disable groups of plugins
  6. parallel VSTis, e.g. in dsp lanes → no need for doubling notes, modern approach of sound design
  7. more macros in instruments → improvement of renoise instruments
  8. multiple delay fx lanes per track, and then groove per track, not only per song → creating natural groove more easily
  9. improved api, e.g. for making vst gui automation 100% possible, detecting, filtering or marking feedback signals → tools can be improved
  10. maybe natively vst gui automation → surely more secure and better performance
  11. more precision for automation → use the automation for fake compression etc.
  12. tags for vst presets, tags for renoise presets, maybe unifying both → find your vsts and presets by custom categories and tags
  13. EQ10 with lp/hp, m/s switch per band, panning per band, 2x oversampling switch → a proper eq included in the native gui system

Spectrum analyzers in EQs and anywhere else where there is a frequency spectrum display.


OK. In your opinion

The most necessary. Top 3.

What would they be?

  1. Granular
  2. FM
  3. Variable Pattern Length - top level in the Pattern Sequencer / Pattern Editor area - not in Phrases
  1. Parallel container
  2. Device parking
  3. Improved API

°multiple fx chains and modulation input/output in doofers
° expandable macros per instrument (16, 24, 32)
°native wavetable and/or FM/PM synthesis

And of course, more/upgraded dsp :upside_down_face:

  1. More midi targets please. MIDI Routing #2, MIDI Routing#3, etc.


  1. Also, when the plugin doesn’t support midi out, than just internally route “midi in” to midi routing. So we still can route notes to different receivers.

  2. Add midi routing also for normal Renoise Instruments.

Audio To Midi / Tuner - like what Sonuus G2M hardware does.

With ability to send notes to instruments\vsts and or use notes as cc values for example for filter parameters.

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i already love renoise the way it is but:

  • elektron- style conditional pattern commands

  • bit of optimizing of the audio engine on mac arm processors, i can run at least triple/quadruple amount of plugins in reaper compared to renoise (granted, reaper engine is super efficient. scary to run 120+ track projects without compromise on a baseline m1 mbp)

  • CLAP Support (“Some” new Plugins are now only CLAP)
  • Granular
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Easier live recording of an instrument. Without needing to make one massive sample in the sample editor

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Add to that the ability to record in more than one track at a time please!

Yeah! Maybe that is more important!

This combined with not having an audio type track makes working with long samples difficult. Maybe that’s not in the tracker spirit, but would be good tp have some improvements here. It should be a bit easier to integrate external instruments & vocals.