Freely Resize Upper And Lower Parts Of The Interface

Well laptops are great and the bigger the better, but if you’re seriously making an application why wouldn’t you make the interface VIEWABLE? :wink:

of course this is a joking dig too ;)

But no doubt about it whether you’re on a small resolution or screen or high resolution screen - I agree with the root of what the original poster is complaining about. When I’m browsing for samples–which is arguably one of the most decisive moments of composing a song—I can only use about 2% of my monitor’s viewable space to look into my HD for samples.

Look at the UI as a whole. There are three main parts.

The top - transport and diskbrowser - I can re-size various sections horizontally.
The middle - the pattern, sample & keyzone editor and the mixer, and the - I can re-size various sections horizontally.
The bottom - everything else, including the sample browser - I can re-size various sections horizontally.

Is it conceivable to allow users to resize vertically? Might this help address the issue? I can’t think of a single subsection within any of the tabs in these regions that couldn’t benefit if not immediately-in the future of renoise.

Point is no matter whether you’re on a tablet or a 1920x1080 display, there could definitely be more space dedicated to the interface to allow the users to actually see into their hard drive a little more in some areas.

captain obvious joins the discussion!


this thread is split from Sample Box Placement . Note my comment isn’t directed @ mSepsis suggestion. Am all for customizable gui.

i think mSepsis’ suggestion for movable borders is great.

  1. What the diskbrowser and Instrument Settings windows could look like:

  2. What the Master Spectrum and Track DSP screens could look like:

Neither of these are perfectly designed, but it’s an idea of where it could go if we could vertically open up some of the GUI areas. I don’t always need to see the pattern editor, mixer, sampler or keyzones… It could go much further than this… tearable interface elements, etc… I have always been impressed with Maxon’s C4D interface and how easy it is to customize the GUI elements based on the tasks you are handling. Renoise really has gotten feature rich and I feel it’s attachment to the DOS interface limitations of fasttracker has been manageable until recently. Either way, I do have to say I miss being able to see the samples contained within an xrni up in the disk browser window.

well why not,but then you should also be able to save them as “screen-sets”

Saveable as Global View Presets, +1, resizable, +1, +10315910359.

One big plus from me!!!
If the lower part will be resizable, then that would open way for a horizontal pianoroll.
I’m just sayin’… :rolleyes:

iirc someone said the gui has to be “vectorized”. thats a mammoth task.

btw: sequencer soft that has vector graphics, would be Logic or ‘the dead’ tracktion.

I would love if this would be made possible. it would be totally great if you could manually resize them like the drawing above, but it would be greatly apreciated if you guys would place the “more” button in… more places :wink: eg. the automation panel and the browser !

i bought a 27" screen and still the samplebox / automation-lane / dsp-devices box are just too small!

Audiomulch 2, and SunVox (a fine tracker), are other good examples of apps with GUIs that can be greatly altered and reshaped.

super mockups +1billions

p.s. deattachable mixer windows, daaaam )

:w00t: come one team! please put this idea into the final additions for 2.7 RC PPPLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEE

Nice mock-up, mSepsis. :)

Today I also have made an another layout mock-up. I like such screenshot puzzle too.
In this idea, the layout is changed a bit radically.
Do you all guys like or hate it??

Basically, the upper frame is not used on the normal display. The scopes are in the lower frame and the browser is in the left side frame. If you use more bigger display, you can use the upper frame optionally, maybe…

But after all the problem is Netbook. This idea does not fit the width of the Netbook enough. :(

1926 Re-Z2.gif

[EDIT] I edited the image a bit. Just added the little track scopes on the top (borrowed from skale tracker).
Because if there is not it, something is unsatisfactory.

[EDIT 2] I’ve noticed one more problem by myself. In this layout, we cannot tweak TrackDSPs while seeing the Master Spectrum. Oh shit… :smashed:


well the “more” button in the browser is a real improvement allready in b5! why not put in 2 more places ???

it would be great if the sample-box on the right uppercorner would have it’s own more button which would come in handy if you are working with a long list of samples to quickly select the correct sample

and the more button would also make the automation lane fold out very nicely to let’s say twice the size it is now… or something like that would make me a VERY happy camper :yeah:

It looks like the same button that has been there in the last few versions of Renoise.
Am I missing something?

Maybe it was new to Endonyx. It’s been there for as long as I can remember (1.8?)

hahaha well i just been a regular user since 2.6… but then i haddent noticed it yet!

but that doesnt change my other idea that the automation lane AND the samplebox should have their own “more” button! that would make my workflow so great!

again, i guess it would take a huge amount of manhours to build this by yourself (vector based graphics).
but would some 3rd party library help here? e.g.:

this is maybe a extreme idea,but what about "userdefinable"upper and lower parts,where the users can choose what they want in the lower and upper parts,so they can set it up to suit what ever the needs are

just a crazy idea