Where can I find some good old school jungle samples?

Could anyone suggest some sample packs or similar that they know of for old school jungle and drum n bass? Im really getting into the old " a guy called gerald", “foul play” and “omni trio” stuff and am looking for some good loops and samples, particularly some good breaks and choppy tamb loops as well as those synth chord stabs. Any help would be very appreciated!





( 200 Breakbeat Instruments )


  • search for the original jungle frenzy sample cd.

This pack might interest you. ;)

Thanks allot to both of you, I am downloading the blu mar ten pac right now and will be sure to check the others out as well!

Second the blu mar ten pack, absolutely LOVE that pack. some real sexy sounds in there.

There are more dnb packs there, but this one is my favorite

Haven’t checked this one yet, just saw this posted here http://ragga-jungle.com/topic/19310-jungle-breaks-sample-pack-175bpm/page__view__getnewpost

dl here:


Thanks again everyone. I just got jungle warfare vol 1, and Im loving that as well. I have a question about the production of jungle I was hoping you all could help me with:

Is kick placement a big thing in terms of consistancy? Should the kick land in generally the same places each time like in other genres where the kick is usually on the 1 and 9 or whatever or do you just flow with it?

thanks for the nice links all. ;)

Hmm … maybe I’m reading too much into your question but, my .02:

Should a kick drum be consistent? Yes. There’s much to be said about repetition creating larger phrases. That said, being inconsistent can be an artistic interpretation type thing, if that’s what you’re going for.

Also, not quite certain what you mean by ‘1 and 9’, generally musicians count in 4, for 4/4 music … such as the majority of electronic music. So the way I see it ‘9’ would be the first beat of the third measure (2 measures of 4 = 8, plus the first beat of the next measure). Is that really what you mean? For typical dnb with a snare on 2 and 4, you’d have a kick on 1 and the ‘and’ of 3 (that is, half way between the 3rd and 4th beat of the measure).

Really the question is, how do you want to do it?

Here’s my example – towards the end, listen around 5.40… there’s a beat concept, then the beat totally flips on itself for a moment (for 8 measures), then goes back to the main concept. Might be annoying as a dj, but i personally really like the change up instead of just riding the same concept through the end of the track.

[edit – addition]

Also, just listen to the drum track in there … the down beat (the ‘1’ of each measure) is pretty well defined, but there’s a bit of swing on the follow up bass kicks, giving it an almost triplet feel. This is what I mean by being intentionally inconsistent – but then again, this repeats every measure there’s drums, so the repetition adds to the phrasing, imo. An inconsistent measure, repeated, is consistent. Or maybe I need another coffee.

i think by ‘1 and 9’ zardoz was referring to the panning, the position of the kick in the stereo field…

Ah … well … within the context of Renoise, isn’t that 00 through FF? :3

Or am I missing something?

otoh, thinking wrong is just business as usual for me. ;)



Lot’s of guys used a sample cd from Zero-G called Junk Percussion, at one point I had it, and it was full of junk but lot’s of people used it.
Lost it at some point unless someone has it again.

But I’m looking for it too again,.

I have some amen kits with crunches, for renosie of course, a whole fleet of great sounding amens too, not in kits but I figure most people have those.
Latest best one I have is Don Pablo, which is very nicely EQ’d and compressed, very tight and heavy, lot’s of air in it.
But I gather, OP is looking for something more along the lines of ZEROG’s Junk Percussion with the refs to omni trio and such.
good luck.


Also try and get hold of the Zero G Datafiles 1, 2 and 3 and the Zero G Jungle Warfare 1, 2, and 3