Will Renoise Ever Work Like Revisit?

Wow! Amazing as Renoise is there’s always the time when you want something more powerful such as Cubase to do your audio recording. Renoise developers, have you seen ReViSiT (www.nashnet.co.uk). Is there any possibility of Renoise working like this in the future?

With ReViSiT you can enter your pattern data (its a VST plugin) and then import the resulting midi back into Cubase… or play your tracker patterns while Cubase is recording for you. Its amazing! I’m now torn between what to use… Renoise… ReViSiT… both?? Its certainly the solution I’ve been looking for - combining a tracker into your favourite DAW. ReViSiT is still in its infancy and to be honest, I’d love to stick with Renoise since I’m familiar with it and its far easier to use. For me, Renoise only lacks the sophisticated audio recording and sample editing facilities of the likes of Cubase… but… I guess money, time, and the amount of developers working on a product is always the governing factor.

Any chance of Renoise heading down this path, guys? (Please :wink: )


renoise as a vsti was an option in online voting for registered users some years ago, so…

No, Renoise works…

You can sync Renoise to Reaper: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=14485

same desired effects, except no need to open cubase : )

Thanks NER… so if you can sync to Reaper… It should be possible to sync to Cubase as well… ? That link is certainly interesting so thank for that - I’m going to give it a try…

Hey NER! I’ve actually figured out how to sync Renoise with Cubase! Using the MidiYoke as per your Reaper tutorial I tweaked and tweaked Cubase and I can now get Renoise to start when Cubase starts… Cubase can record Renoise’ Midi output… and whats more - this means I can use Cubase for all my audio recording/multiple take requirements! Excellent stuff!! My two favourite programs are now happily working together!

If anyone else is interested in how to do this, let me know and I’ll put a quick tutorial together.


I guess I didn’t read into it enough, I thought MidiYoke was an internal reaper effect.
well thats great news then.

tutorial yes please!

:dribble: :o:

Where was this revisit thingie when I needed it so much…?
I was DESPERATELY looking for some VST tracker to use inside Tracktion, some half a year ago.

Too bad they didn’t advertise much. Even extensive googling didn’t return any mentions of nashnet.

The tracker looks yummy. You know what’s the strongpoint? That it’s NOT BLOATED.
Just the necessary IT basics.

Tracking is all about simplicity. And it always should be.

Yeah 0l3ks4 I didn’t come across ReViSiT by looking for it. I found it reading an old copy of Computer Music at the library. They had an article all about the status of trackers these days. Renoise was the big feature but I enjoyed reading the nostalgia about OctaMED etc. Anyway, thats where I discovered ReViSiT - there was a roundup of PC trackers etc.

Everyone else, I’ll try and do a tutorial. I have a VERY rough screen-shotted set of notes for myself - just enough so I remember how to do it. I may have a go since I like to share my findings with people… and… its extended the use of Renoise for me one hundred-fold so that has to be a good thing.


Just make a pattern editor vst ala renoise, and sell it to steinberg. then all losers can go happy to use that crap while the rest of us use renoise :)

It seems to me you guys never look further than the lengths of your own nose while this material has already been long time underneath it:


If you read this page, you will learn actually the core of synchronizing between any application you want to synchronize Renoise to and i have pointed this site out for a few times already:

Hi Everyone. I’ve added a basic tutorial here: HowTo: Use Cubase and Renoise together

the point is that sparky mentioned that it took quite a bit of tweaking inside cubase, and as far as i am concerned if a member of this forum is willing to type up or do a video tutorial, in addition to the ones already there, then that can only be a good thing.

the true value in a cubase specific tutorial, is that it’ll probably work with nuendo as well, which then means we can all use renoise to score film and/or edit film while scoring rather than having to fit one thing around another.

and we all want to take renoise into uncharted waters now dont we?

Thanks Vv. Keep in mind that not all of us are computer literate gurus. I find Cubase a nightmare to get my head around. The link you provided on the use of MidiYoke may be useful… At the moment I’m of the (wrong?) opinion that you can only use 8 channels with MidiYoke but I may be wrong… I’ve read that you can use 16 but I can only see 8 in Renoise/Cubase (unless 16 means 8in and 8out).

nmioaon, I have every intention of using Renoise. Some applications are just better for doing some tasks than others. I hate typical DAWs such as Cubase for midi composition but when it comes to audio recording, they come out tops in my opinion. I tried Reaper this morning and just didn’t like it. Different applications are easier for different people. I hardly think that make them a set of losers.

More material is only for the better, my point was that i just wanted to bring up some basics as well so anyone can understand what tools like Midi Yoke and MIDI Ox and net2mid do specifically.

That’s one of the fundaments why i never liked cubase. Not only that the usability does not fit my workflow but the bugs and crashes as well (the everlasting incredible instability).

I recently found two old CD’s of cubase sx (light editions ofcourse) that came with my MIDI master keyboard and threw them both away.
I installed it once to see what it does, it already severely crashed my PC when trying to start the first demo-song that came with it (and the lackings of plugins that were not included).
I cannot call that really a professional impression.

I see a lot of people have complained about Cubase 4. Works fine for me. I got it cheap from my mate who insists that Sonar is the best thing since sliced bread. He obviously had his reasons for getting rid of it after his initial large spend but its worked fine for me. Maybe I don’t do enough with it. :slight_smile: Renoise is my main tool. I’m sure one day Renoise will do all that I require… It wasn’t that long ago I was asking where the record button on the sample editor was… only to be told it didn’t have one at the time. Haha.

(insert drumroll edit*)

write hook to open
renoise inside renoise inside renoise inside renoise renoise inside renoise inside renoise inside renoise inside renoise inside renoise inside renoise inside renoise inside renoise inside renoise inside renoise. HAH!

& hundreds of renoise inside renoise.

why not go ask cubase to make a cubase vst to run inside renoise

thanks Vvoois for writing that article, i didn’t know reaper could be synced & play video!

just an opinion: renoise is just enough for me cause i don’t record much - and if, integrated sample editor is just fine, so i like ReNoise just the way it is now =)

and there are many people like me i guess =)

Renoise could have midi triggered tracks (not patterns) - i mean should be able to play each track individualy and you could send midi commands to play track 01 from sequence 02 or from pattern 02 and also should have possibility to route params from route chains to midi cc. In that case you could completely arrange your songs in eg cubase.
Yep but devs will never implement this as well as arranger :)