Windows 7 x64 support in future releases

Windows 7 x64 support in future releases
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  • No

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It would be good to see commentaries of people, not just votes. Why they against win7 support?

this discussion already happened

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Why waste resources on obsolete operating systems? Those resources should be put elswhere.


Obsolete in terms of what?

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As of January 14. 2020, Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft

So, right after this date you immediately unable to do stuff on this o-b-so-l-e-t-e os?

Someday they will say you to jump out of window?
And you will agree on this?

Maybe museums are obsolete too?

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With that logic. You can do stuff on Windows XP too. Does that mean the Renoise team should put their development focus on some obscure Windows XP related issue? I think not.

Why did you want people to explain their point of view? Just to pick a fight?

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No fight, just conversation. Windows XP is a way too much, however it can easily play yt in 4k with appropriate hw (just for example). Xp has some real limitations like directx 9 though.

I don’t see any stuff which win 7 can’t do.

Why to explain? Oh God, this is forum. That is why.
It is the purpose of it.

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Good point. Drop Windows and MacOS support!


Trolling much? :crazy_face:

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sorry but i cannot resist

you already have huge topic with exactly same debate. Are you blind? or just ignorant?
following your analogy ‘Oh god, you have eyes, that’s why you have to use them’

Windows 7 is EOL. No one on earth will bother to support something that is EOL (security patching is not a sign that the product is being supported, at least not in the domain this topic (audio realm) is).

also, if you consider Renoise and the number of active development in general, this would mean that we pay for supporting something EOL… instead new features/changes…

On the bigger scope, your argument ‘mommy mommy, please support windows 7, juset because i like it’ does not make sense at all.

Even if you’ve had good arguments (which is not the case at all… You seem to ignore forum rules as well, by ignoring same thread…), still it’s not your decision


So many letters, so little meaning.
I created a poll to collect statistics.

And yeah i feel how you tremble in anger.

@dspasic was just spoonfeeding you the essence of why someone would vote NO to the poll. In which you seem to have a hard time grasping.


all-in-all very toxic replies, i’m surprised to see such one on renoise forum.

actually, you are being very toxic by ignoring several replies… which are also found on the duplicate topic


To be honest, I don’t care if there’s Win7 support in future or not, so I voted NO.
As much as I like Win7, it’s outdated and nobody in future will support it anymore, just like I wrote in the other thread, so why should Renoise do so? Time to move on, you can’t avoid it. But as I already wrote, I’m sure Renoise will work on Win7 even without Win7 support. At work I have a fresh Intel i7 and Win7, but Intel and Microsoft are blocking any update intentionally even if there’s something ready to download. I don’t think any programmer should stick to Win7 if even the manufacturers are blocking everything about it.


Crazy that people still discuss this on this forum… probably tracker boomers / nostalgic people that don’t want to change anything in their setup since 1995. Nobody forces you to update windows, just keep windows 7 and don’t update renoise…


I don’t see any craziness here.
If it solidly works, than what is wrong with it?

Quality of software drops in a linear way (like the quality of cars, electronics, you name it.)

Absence of normal human QA and constant shitty updates, which after fixing one thing immediately break another. Don’t you tired of it?

Quantity of security holes in Win10 surpass Win7.
I’ve told about it already. Check the bulletin.

I’m talking about monkey logic not to modernize thing with solid roots and build new paper house.

I have tried to provide simple comparisons even English language is not my native one.

My thoughts on this is because i know that the development of Renoise relies in a few people i know its quite difficult for them to continue support older Win Versions and even mac or Linux older versions.For me what matters is that they continue improving Renoise and do frequently updates.Anyway older Renoise versions will continue working on windows 7 so you could just use that or come to Linux and be a very happy camper :smiley:

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