Windows: bx_limiter (Brainworks) VST wrongly only plays mono since Renoise 3.4!

Thanx Taktik for this wonderful DAW -

I used for a long Time 3.2.2 because it is the best Version for my CPU (Lenovo T480 - Notbook) - I don´t need the Sidechain- and the VST3-Function …

Now i have testing the new 3.4.(1) - and i have the first VST-Problem ever with Renoise - i used very much Arturia, UVI and PlugInAlliance stuff - and now one of my important Limiter-Tool - the great easy and simple bx_limiter (Brainworks) does not work in stereo ! Only in Mono !

Can anyone help me ? Or have anyone the same Problem ?

Cannot confirm. Output stays stereo.

Applies for:

  • Renoise v3.41 (Win11)
  • Brainworx bx_limiter v1.9 (both, VST2 + VST3 tested)

Sorry for the late reply. I can confirm that with the VST2 version. The VST3 version works fine here.

The plugin has 8 output channels (7.1 sourround), but is incorrectly detected as multi-mono output FX in Renoise. We will fix this with the next maintenance update. Please use the VST3 version of the plugin in new projects as a workaround for now.

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just curious… any idea why bx_limiter vst2 is not going mono here?
are you using a different version?

Think this is why/related