Wishes for next releases

I brought this up years ago, but I’d love to see the ability to change the scale transpose parameters as a Pattern Effect from within the Pattern Editor.


Imagine being able to instantly change keys and/or scales within a solo so that your arpeggiated phrases automatically use only the notes in scale? Would be cool to go back and forth from a Dm Blues scale to a G major mixolydian mode whenever the whim strikes, y’know?


Using the snap to either beats or zero crossings (silence) is fast and easy.

The missing piece I didn’t understand for a long time was, after slicing, to right click Slices>Render Slices to Phrase, which syncs the tempo of the slices to your project tempo so they all play in time both with each other and the rest of your song. That way, if you have some slices that are not on the beat, you don’t have to figure out which line they should be triggered on – the phrase just does it for you.

I also still use the Chop Sample tool for Renoise, which chops a sample into a preset number of slices (assuming that the source sample is timed properly). I do this a lot when I record a guitar or bass part into the sampler as audio (so I know it’s in time) but want to chop it up and sample chunks out of order

This would be great.

I would love to be able to modulate all sample properties and global instrument properties via macros and effect commands. would be awesome to be able to change these properties on the fly and have phrases follow suit. ie. changing mode/scale of arpeggiation thru phrases


Copy all slice points from one sample to another… basic feature but this is really lacking.
Example : I have a break and slice it, apply lots of effects on it and then I resample the break to save cpu, and now i lost my slice points and cannot get them back.


For the time being, I’m just happy 3.4 is here.

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A shortcut for hdpi scaling:)

What I also would love to see is the possibility to draw an automation curve across the pattern boundaries:

Currently you can’t start with a curve in one pattern and end in the next pattern. You will have to fiddle around with the start and end point of the automation. This is even more annoying due the factual two points for the same position. This could be easily done automatically and then way more precisely.

Maybe the last and the first position could also treated as the same point, instead two points. I think this would also be more logical. Tools which then still access the not exisitng last point could be auto-mapped maybe to the first point of the next pattern (e.g. dblues pattern resizer). Maybe this could break pattern logic though (if you use repeating patterns). Or the tools simply need a minor fix then, I could do that hehe

EDIT: Ok, you can do a line across already. Sorry, always forgetting to switch to line mode. But this for a curve would be most comfortable. Though I understand that this would require working around the pattern logic… Could work with a linear representation of the song (only if no patterns are repeated :roll_eyes:)

Also setting one point into first pattern and another one into second could already do that auto-line boundaries thing, at least if the pattern is not repeated, just as in line mode, IMO.

Ok this post starts to get out of control, but at least for me, there could be a “strict linear pattern mode” in the song settings, in which repetition of pattern and aliases of tracks are not allowed anymore. THEN in this mode, a whole new world of comfort could be opened. Like drawing curves across boundaries, setting proper positioned note-offs while recording etc etc etc. Also there are phrases to repeat stuff, right?


Yes, would be nice.

my wish? Make me spend some money.

|Version registered:|2.7|
|Valid until:|3.7|

2.7 is March 12th, 2011 . that’s 11 years ago.

one release = USD 75.00 that’s about USD 7 a year. ridiculous.

I’m ready too spend money on my favourite daw now.



I think this thread can be merged into the other thread. Totally forgot about the other, sorry.

i totally stand by this :smiley:

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Ya, me too. Would love to see an accelerated development cycle. I bought renoise in 2014 I think? Good through 4.0… make me spend some money devs!
I mean, what an amazing value, but I’d happily shell out for a new version license. Didn’t think I’d still be cruising on this one for going on a decade


Something else I’ve had a hankering for recently would be some sort of polyrhythmic addition where one track could have four notes and another could have five- and not with phrases, delay adjustment, or any other work-around. A simple ability to change the LPB per track, so one could just ‘see’ it, right there on the screen.

Would also like the capability to grab a pattern and slide those up or down (on the left side of the screen), kinda like how other DAWs allow patterns to be moved left or right to overlap.

Yep, and I’d love to spend the money to make this happen!


You can use ZPxx parameter effect. This doesn’t work for you?

This would probably be destructive. That is, the placement of notes is not the same as the placement of audio waves that can be mixed.

When moving notes up or down, you either destroy the adjacent notes or you should move them from note column (the latter is a mess). If the adjacent patterns were empty it would not be a problem.

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Yes, that does work for me, but it works for every track in the pattern. I’m looking for the capability of taking separate tracks within a pattern and adjusting it that way. From what the manual tells me, this is only a pattern-wide effect. Here’s a visual of what I’m looking for. Unless I’ve misunderstood the manual, I’d like it to look like this:


As for the pattern sliding, SunVox allows for it, and there is no destruction of the pattern, song, or track data. Each track is individual within the entire mix.

Unfortunately, I do not enjoy using SunVox. Otherwise, I would :slight_smile:


Oh, okay. It is about separating the “pattern-tracks” (individual slots in the matrix), so that each one can have a certain number of lines. Interesting!
I guess the limit of 1000 patterns would have to be increased somehow. Or, allow tracks without slots in the array after the limit is exceeded.
It seems technically possible, even keeping compatibility with old songs.

I guess the values of LPB, BPM and TPL should be kept as global.


Hence why a standard arranger with freeform “blocks/clips” (e g midi clips, audio clips) would be nice. But then the software suddenly goes into another paradigm. I would have much preferred this route to the current old school blocky nature of trackers (it’s a stretch calling the current pattern matrix an arranger view). A global timeline with clips.

Well… that’s probably another software.


Could be another optional layer above the current concept, which wouldn’t break anything. Useable in an arrangement like in Sunvox:

So we could create intro / verse etc with the old concept and then put them into a clip arranger, where i can also layer them. Its something similar like Reason Blocks, but in Reason Blocks it was not possible to layer.
Or just use the old concept for drums clip, melody clip etc. and use them like in the FL playlist editor.
At the it would be like a “song”-phrase, similar like an instrument phrase.


I dont think that this is the right basic for audio track synchronisation. Better give us 2 Markers like a slicing marker that can move forward/backward in the Audioinformationstream. Some that move audio track content and some that shrink/expand audio content. This could be implemented horizontal or vertical and would be easy to use to quantizing the audio lyriks on pattern notes. Changing the LPB and with that changing the tempo of the entire pattern to sync with audiotrack is not a good ideo for me. But maybe i missunderstood you, my english is not the best.

happy tracking :slight_smile:

Indeed, I was referring to being able to access this feature that comment @Neuro_No_Neuro without modifying these tempo values. Currently, these values are general for all tracks. There is no BPM or LPB per track.