Wishes for next releases

@joule’s “place selected notes evenly” tool is a great stand in for assignable LPB per track. Very easy to do polymeter/polyrhythm and n-tuplets per track with it
@Neuro_No_Neuro, have you tried using this tool? I could imagine it opening up some nice rhythms for you…

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Not yet! :sunglasses:

I would even remove pattern repeat and maybe even aliases… To simplify and reshapen what’s left then, following more a common, standard daw linear concept as seen in the other daws.

For anything polyrhythmic, phrases can be used and extended. Also midi recording in phrases would be great, or some easy handling to mark a note range and make it a phrase. And phrases could be marked in the normal pattern editor, showing its notes slightly washed out or so. Then the phrase editor currently feels cripped and IMO should feel like the normal editor instead. Maybe it could be even possible to not use the phrase editor at all to make a phrase. Please think about it. These are the real workflow improvements.

Instead adding once again another layer of complexity, IMO better improve what’s there and even cut away which is redundant. E.g. pattern repeat is awkward, it was originally introduced in soundtracker to save some bytes of ram. It also causes a lot of problems in the API, at pattern boundaries and so on.

Also think that development would benefit from reducing complexity. I can imagine how development in such a complex project works (knowing this from webdev): You adjust one setscrew, and immediately it has a ton of consequences you even did not imagine, if your technical structure wasn’t well separated from beginnnig. And since Renoise was kind of “wildly grown”, even based on Arguru’s thing at first, this might cause an immense slowdown in development. I guess that there are some kind of unit- and integration tests, but even then, writing a ton of of tests also takes a lot of time. And tests need to be fixed, too, if the base structure changes. So the bigger the whole project is, the slower a little single change will be to implement.

My respect here for Taktik again for his incredible work. C++ is the royal league, and a single minor bug already can cause a crash. Would love to have the passion like him and his team.

Happy Easter!


Yes, the Renoise project is impressive. May I mention one small request that I don’t think has been mentioned before… True non-visibility of tracks. My song projects get way too convoluted due to using different tracks between chorus and verse, and the current track collapsing still convolutes the pattern view. I want to have only the tracks I’m working with in view. This has always been hell when it comes to trackers, for no real reason.



I think it would be nice with a native Ducker device that precisely goes to the volume at the point where you set it to because the current method with Keytracker/LFO/Gainer is a bit wonky with that smoothing tail it has going.

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It would be great to be able to automate effects in the Phrase window. Yes, you can now do it through the LFO, but it takes a long time and is not always accurate. and by the way, it was cool to have an LFO in the form of a tracker (by analogy with phrases). and of course a mixer plug-in with the ability to FM AM PD and subtract the spectrum of the input signal. and it would be awesome to be able to import impulses directly from the current project and not from the library.


better Font Rendering
Font simple to change about fontdialog
better theming support (no autocontrast using, no linked colorvalue between different controls
audio support with move/strech/shrink abilitys to sync with pattern content
api control with hardware accelerated canvas painting and custom mouse handling ( for tools like simple pianoroll)

happy tracking :slight_smile:

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I’ve done this before and I think it’s the best workaround available. Good explanation!

Yes, packaging that functionality as a macro rather than “bolting it on” to the sampler or pattern editor makes sense. So many of the sample properties are features that could be modulated expressively if we had a macro to control them. As it stands, I usually “set these and forget them”.

I’m still holding out hope for updates to the sample recorder to streamline the process of adding samples and placing them in the pattern editor.
If there were an option to automatically enter a C-4 “note on” at the first line of the pattern where we pressed “record/start”, new samples could instantly be available within the playing song. This would not only improve the tool for us live performance artists, but make it easier during the creative process to keep our hands on our instrument rather than having to fiddle with Renoise each time we add a track. Having this functionality be accessible via a MIDI foot controller or Launchpad-type-thing would open up Renoise to different types of artists, I think.


I’d like a sidechain receiver device. Using the Gate preview trick isn’t ideal because the sidechain filter is never fully open. MRatio is okay but it’s not built in.

It would also be nice to be able to split stereo outputs in the audio routing menu (for Addictive Drums 2, etc.) For now my method is to duplicate each track via Sidechain and then convert to mono with a Stereo Expander on each track. One drawback is that if the track with the Sidechain device is muted, then the “duplicate” is also muted.


Variable pattern lengths per track (like described above by another user) with longer track lengths and live jamming oriented features with good midi controller support, so we could do things like are possible with hardware devices like Polyend or Digitakt (which, from it’s way of working and capabilities seems like it’s based on some sort of tracker engine with a different user interface).


Delete unused dsp effects, similar to the delete unused patterns function.I know there is a tool but really this should be in renoise, imo.

Option for VIM navigation in the editor. I really dislike using arrow keys.

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I would like to see a multi audio out from a generated drumkit in Renoise sampler. The thing is, when writing notes from one drumkit to several tracks {Kick - Snare - Hats - Perc ], sometimes the sound goes out Only through one of those channels where i typed the highest amount of notes [in my case it is hats or perc], especially when two notes are played at the same time. It really confuses me every time i use a drumkit on several patterns / channels.

Renoise already has this, you just have to put each sample on its own FX chain within the instrument, and then route each chain to the track of your choice. It doesn’t make sense to think about splitting a single chain across multiple tracks.

It doesn’t matter because i will have them pulled both ways to the output caused by the channel that produces the most amount of sound, even if your rout every sound to a channel of a 40th sounds drumkit inside the FX (effects) section. The Dominated sound will dag them to its own channel. I do not want my drumkits to be interrupted by the pattern that call the maximum amount of sounds, while having a general compressor on its FX out that i do not need to copy it 40 times with the same parameters to every sound. Btw, i have noticed the same issue when playing a chord from one instrument (sampler), by putting every note of it on a different pattern. It would be more creative to have that function inside the Sampler itself.

It sounds like you’re asking for the ability to route all your samples through a shared effect, then somehow split the samples back out post-effect. This doesn’t make sense from a DSP point of view. You can of course route the global compressor output to one track so that all of your drums go to the same place, or you can put the compressor in parallel by using sends, but otherwise you’re asking the impossible.

It’s only natural that Renoise does not allocate an entire new effect chain per-note (most synth VSTs don’t either). Renoise by default tries to route the effect chain to the current track, which of course will change with each note. So, you have the option to choose one track in the routing menu and put all your post-instrument effects there.

If you don’t use effect chains at all, there’s none of this “stealing” behavior because then Renoise can separate out samples without having to duplicate anyting besides the modulation chain (which is per-voice).

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I am working right now on an IDM track with 170 bpm and 8 LPS. The thing is, in the beginning i have routed everything as usual. Then i noticed that my percussion line " pattern" is “Eating” other channels sound, especially when it goes “Horny”. In the end i just split the drumkit into two drumkits : One with the easy sounds “Kick snare clap …etc” , the other with percs and hats " the very fast sounds" so the wont interrupt each others. The problem that i am facing is on the output stage: when dialing a lot of notes by concretely one sound of my drumkit. Even if i choose to rout every sound of my drum kit to a single fx chain inside the sampler itself, the most " busy" or Buzzy line conquers the rest of sounds and pulls them to its own channel (The channel that goes for fast hats becomes the kicks and snare’s channels also, while at the same time the kick and snare disappear from their own channels = Hats out becomes the main out of all of the sounds of my drumkit when it plays a lot of fast notes).
I think i will need to explain it on a video lol .

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It’s downloadable now but I think it should be native to the software.

Other nice things to have.