Wishes for next releases

Realtime mode is on when there is a Line input device. It does not have to be on, it just has to be there. Obviously then yes. I’m using a complex setup with 94 streaming channels ( UFX+ and ORION32+ and H9000R and more…) It’s ok, I’m working fine recording what I hear - I can even press Rec on the actual RME interface and record on a USB stick. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shortcut and context menu entry for pattern mix-paste, seems to be not existing in shortcut list…

Gonna pull a @Roppenzo here -

I sure would like to see any sort of update :smiley:

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Maybe makes little sense, but as Airwindows is open source… Would it be much work to include all airwindows effects natively in Renoise?

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Idk, renoise is paid software. So it would be not right to impliment open source parts to renoise

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Airwindows uses MIT license, which I believe is flexible enough to include in Renoise.

That said, I don’t see the benefit of including the Airwindows suite as native Renoise devices. SurgeXT has them included, and the only real benefit of that is to use SurgeXT’s modulation to control the effects. If SurgeXT hosted VST effects, it would probably behave the same way.

In Renoise, I don’t see what could be gained from a native implementation of Airwindows, since native and external devices more or less behave the same way, and provide the same types of control. Well, maybe the only thing to gain is that the plugins may be tweaked to be more stable and less resource heavy than the VST counterparts - but, are Airwindows taxing on CPU and memory? i would guess not.

Variable pattern lengths per track

That’s a good one, especially after looking at some of the tracker suggestions in here Basic Tracker Alternative to Renoise? - #22 by lilith, and some of them have this feature.

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My main concern with Renoise is the track delay which is way too small even with the max value (-100ms), many legato libraries require more, even up to -400ms to work.

Better metronome and easier time signature control would be good.

Also what would be nice is if moving selections wrapped over patterns so I could move a selection to the previous/next pattern just click dragging without having to cut, go to the previous/next pattern and paste there. Now if I click drag a selection, it stops at the top/bottom even though the previous/next pattern shows

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Check out phrases in the instrument editor, here you can setup different pattern lengths. Possible to play these simultaneously. If only phrases could somehow be represented more usefull visually, when run in the main pattern editor, right now you’re kind of blind.

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Wishes for next releases

a next release.


Happy and healthy Taktik, Dblue and Danoise!


Ok i will post my request here as well and hope it gets noticed. I would really like to be Be able to drag and drop a sample from the list in Renoise into a third party VST. After auditioning the sample inside Renoise browser, to get it into say like Quanta, I usually have right click and choose the “reveal in exporer” option which is a pain in the backside to be honest. Every other DAW i have ever used allows for such. PLEASE!!! make this happen.

Redux with multiple outputs

And Dark theme for It

For example