Wishes for next releases

Currently each pattern block in Renoise takes all the tracks within that pattern into account,I’ve been using other trackers recently that have a pattern per track system.This is a far more free and versatile system.Essentially the matrix system but with interchangeable patterns per track.For example pattern block 1 might have pattern 4 on track 1 pattern 2 on track 2 pattern 6 on track 3.Im explaining this arseways cuz im a dummy.Simplest way to explain it would be the Matrix pattern system on The Dirtywave M8 tracker,i believe this is based on the LSDJ system too.You could say just use phrases however these are clunky,hard to keep track of and tidy and also break the fast workflow this style of system has to offer.Its in my opinion a far more versatile and creative system while also SPEEDING up workflow.The image below is of the Dirtywave’s pattern matrix.This in conjunction with rotating patterns which i discussed on the forums before would be mind blowing.


Also i would still like to leave the pattern editor unchanged,this would require some clever thinking as a drawback on this style of matrix that i have seen so far is that you can not see each individual pattern running simultaneously, rather you have to click on each pattern to see the phrase contained within,this is completely at odds with Renoise’s current layout .I would hate to see that changed,rather i would like to see a clever workaround implemented.Maybe in the pattern editor just underneath each track’s header a hex pattern number which could be assigned?Something like that.Underneath or beside it you could also have a pattern rotate option indicating how many lines up or down the current pattern could be rotated.

You can use aliased patterns to achieve much of this workflow :slight_smile:

Aliased patterns?

Check out aliasing blocks. It’s handy! I use it s ton.


Yeah,I think you missed the point.Interchangable Patterns per track is essentially what I’m talking about,each one denoted by hex in the matrix,currently they are faceless blocks,if that makes sense For example you can’t click on say track 2 of a pattern block and change the pattern just like you can on the main block, that is to say scroll through different patterns with ease (per track)

No MIDI out in Redux though. Deal breaker for me

Oh, man, you get it right into the center.
I’m thinking about the same.
Incorporation of this concept will throw away other daws even more.

Redux user here. Best sampler plugin hands down. Would love to see an autoload/replace sample option for the disk browser. And slicing a sample without deleting every other sample in the sample pool. I would pay for Redux again for these two things!!!


CLAP support, not neccessarily for polyphonic modulation (since Renoise does not support that), but even just for performance improvement reasons (it was said that by switching from VST3 to CLAP, you can use the doubled number of Diva instances).


Rendering does not work as expected when using Line input devices (external sound sources). One has to record in takes and then use new empty tracks to fill with the Bounced audio samples before Rendering as a whole. Currently I’m resampling the Master track through my audio interface loopback routing. Basically recording my soundcard’s 1/2 out back into Renoise as a sample for preview.

Shortcut key for Render selection to Sample (real time) / (offline) option

I’d like to be able to click on Instruments and samples and add notes that pop up when hovered over.


I don’t want new fancy features atm. I think it would be great if the next version would focus on pure usability and ui improvements.



I’m confused what you’re trying to do, but I’ve successfully used Render Song to Disk with external inputs. That’s when I want to record everything as it’s been programmed “live” (i.e. the instrument receives midi from renoise, creates sound, then gets recorded via the line-in device). Have to be in Realtime mode though.

But maybe what you’re describing is just being able to render a phrase or pattern to a sample, when using a line input? In that case I totally agree – support for line-in recording that’s at the same level as VST render would be huge!

On my computer Render to Song does not take into account the Line in devices. It must be an audio interface thing I guess. I’m confused because, I can render Selections and even the whole track and so on. Even if I use the Line In device inside the Sampler’s FX slots. Everything works as expected but the Render Song option in my case. So I record the master as it plays - there are several ways - I like Mrecorder for this.

Are you using Realtime mode?

Automatable sample/loop start/end. :slight_smile:


+1 for native capacity, in the meantime, do check out the New Tool (3.3): Loop Marker Automation - v1.01 and New Tool (3.0): Loop Control


Having API access to the envelope points of the LFO’s custom mode. Amongst other things, it would allow the Drawtomator tool to be truly useful.



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