Xrns Script Frontend Released

XRNS Script Frontend can be used, to provide a graphical user interface for commandline scripts written in PHP on the windows operating system.

Check http://xrns-php.sourceforge.net for more info.

To get a better idea, for what the program is useful for, i’ll suggest reading the included readme file .

Current version: 1.05 … Download

I’ve uploaded a new version, which skips the schema check in the randomizer script until a final one for 1.9 is published.

did i already told you that you just made my day ? well… maybe a year even. :rolleyes:

thx to all involved, you guys rock

thanks for your big effort!

Wow, works great!

The README file is a nice touch. The documentation is very well written, simple and concise. The clipboard functionality is terrific. Directly from the actual windows clipboard, I didn’t expect that, but yeah, makes sense and works great. This is a nice GUI for PHP scripts in general and will definately be used by me, both for Renoise scrips and other types of command line scripts I need in my professional life.

Excellent 1.0 release, congrats!

Very slick Beatslaughter, just like your tunes.

Great tool Beatslaughter! :)

Thanks all! :)

I’ve updated XRNS Script Frontend to version 1.01, which fixes a bug with some keywords.

something I’m missing:

a GUI element for simple text input.

the correspondant to of HTML

That’s indeed handy and i’ve thought about that myself already. Expect an update in the next days.

The next version of the frontend won’t have included scripts anymore. Instead it will be possible to get all the latest and greatest files directly from the sourceforge server. It’s basically an online update. For this to work, i encourage script developers to submit their written scripts to the sourceforge project.

So are you going to add an autoupdater and auto plugin downloader to it?
I don’t know if you could to http requests from within the scripts, else you might want to look at a nice tiny tool called cURL (that does the browsing for you)

It’s actually much simpler. I’m including the CVS command line utility, which syncs everything through anonymous access. Thought this is a really nice feature, since the frontend itself doesn’t get that often updated like the scripts, so there is no need to repackage it for new scripts.

Uploaded version 1.02. The online update currently only works, if you copy it over an existing old version until someone uploads all the needed files for me to SourceForge. That CVS system is really annoying.

Reuploaded the files. It’s only updating the scripts now, not any binary files, as this seems to be disallowed.

Updated to version 1.03, which fixes the online update problem discussed in the XRNS-PHP thread.

So it just occurred to me that the 1.03 hosted on Sourceforge is not the same as the 1.03 refereed to in this thread.

It would be cool that the version numbers, both on sourceforge and here, were the same. I’d like regular releases on Sourceforge with corresponding Freshmeat announcements as it creates a lot of automatic internet linkage.

I am open to discussion, so please don’t take this as instructions, but rather suggestions.

I’m thinking all you have to do is package the release as xrns-sf-1.04.zip and link it in here. I’ll take your package and upload it to Sourceforge and make the Freshmeat announcement. And in the future, every-time you decide to release a stable package, repeat and increment the filename, so I can mirror your file on Sourceforge and announce it.

Maybe we could also use this opportunity to package the latest scripts as xrns-scripts-1.04.zip? And from here on in, the version numbers between xrns-sf and xrns-scripts don’t have to stay in sync as the use must download the scripts him/herself?

Yes, the version number at SourceForge was incremented by someone. I’ve uploaded version 1.04 now, where i’ve updated the included PHP version to 5.2.4.

Here are the changed files for this version.

Keeping the numbers out of sync would make sense in our case, since the frontend doesn’t change that often.

Btw: Would it make sense to somehow integrate the XRNS tools into Renoises Disk Browser, if they are installed? Something like “Open with XRNS Tools…” in the context menu. Would that be useful?

Could we do this without using the Windows Registry? I am always getting a heart attack when looking at its contents - so we should not mess it up even more if somehow possible ;)

Better integration would be of course nice, but personally i think directly integrating an entry for only one tool isn’t the right way. Even though it’s more work, i’d prefer a general way of setting up tools in the context menu based on the section one browses. The entries could be read from a simple xml file maybe. The percent indicator is a placeholder, where the filename would be replaced by Renoise.

	<entry category="all"><br>
		<title>XRNS Script Frontend</title>
		<execute>d:\xrns-sf\xrns-sf.exe %1 -otheroption -etc</execute><br>
	<entry category="sample"><br>
		<title>Fav sample editor</title>
		<execute>d:\blah\acoustica.exe %1</execute><br>

One step further would be, that the sample category could be accessible in the sample editor context menu too, which would allow passing a sample to external editors or time stretching software etc. and as soon as the program was closed, Renoise could ask, if the file should be reloaded.