Your favorite color ;)

Choose ;)

Did everybody vote for this? :P


guess we have to start a new poll, then… :rolleyes:

Argh! I was about to choose blue, but then I decided for Cyan.
Watermens favourite color is mostly blue (I already hear some of them shouting that they prefer a different one) and I am one. But to me Cyan is more beautiful…I thought until I checked it in Photoshop…ARGH, I’m becoming paranoid!

lol… :D

I’d say you’re about to become gay ;)
I chose blue :eek:

Is this a day of reviving old topics? :)

Blue is my favourite.

Shogun had one big success here: Using that word won’t cause such a big misunderstanding anymore :)

I just love blue-violet, the color in the bucket on top of all, the brightest nuance… but I’d say I like all kind of violets :)

You really need this

Ok here’s another one…

press here

damn, I must have voted in this poll already… can choose nothing :(

Damn!!! What was my favorite color again?!?! :panic:


added panic emoticon :huh:

16% here.

My brother who is considered macho took 30% :w00t:

36%… Yah, seems just about right! :rolleyes:

LOL that was ME!!! :D

…forgot to log out, aint easy7 on one computer!!!.. hehehhehehehehheheheehehe

i like darkslateblue or midnightblue, but i voted for alpha because i wanted to know what it was. :walkman:

ROFL :lol: :lol: I didn’t said “pink”… I said “violet”! :)
And about the second test I scored a 33% gay! :lol:
I had a weird moment looking at the meter going up all the way before showing the real results… I’ve been looking at the arrow thinking that was the real result… and for a moment I went like "ouch… oh… OH… OMG… stop! Omg, how am I going to explain THIS to Shogun?.. "
This reminds me of the military test you take here in Italy… they ask you things like “would you ever sell flowers?” and “if you were to be a painter (which I am) would you paint flowers? (which I did already)” and most people answering “yes” to these seems to go straight to the official local “brain squeezer”.
I went there too and the guy asked me if I had “friends”…
“Damn… yes!” I answered after thinking on it for a second…
“SPECIAL friends…” he insisted and after some more :huh: :huh: I started to think about my best friend at that time… and said “Well… yes! Very special! I guess you just don’t find people like this every day…” but then I noticed that he was putting the -> " <- around his words… and suddenly went like “Hey… wait… what do you EXACTLY mean by that, now?” :D
That was the beginning of a very bad moment for the poor squeezer because he finished, in the end of the conversation, realizing he has been under the microscope instead of me… and recognized in more than one moment as having much more “prebiased” thoughts and being more “problematic” person… at least a couple of times more than he suspected me to be…
and I could tell from the face that he was quite not expecting this at all…
:P :lol:
Nice try mr.Squeeze… but that’s what you get when you mess with the maestro… B)

Ops… 66% gay…

Errrrrrrrr… Well… Don’t know what to say…

Parsec: from your avatar it seems you are goodlooking… Would you like to spend some day with me?? I’m just moving my first steps into my new sexual identity…
:ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

That was me btw… :angry:

you’re talking with a 26% gay here.

About military tests:
when the doctor saw my nails, he obviously stated I was gay and started asking me why I had so long nails (they were longer those days, actually)… “Don’t you think they are sort of… efeminate?” “No… lots of men have long hair; I have long nails”

Nails are gay, people.