Your Favourite Youtube Video

(Moss) #1

Please post links to your favourite videos off the WWW. :P

Youtube Embed Test
Stress Reliever
“What Does A Stone Sound Like?”
(cAMEL) #2
Got the message?!
mixing my own greendragon with timestamps…
no acid until room is cleaned!!!


(dblue) #3

Sorry, I couldn’t resist :D :P :guitar: :drummer: :yeah:


(Conner_Bw) #4…;view=favorites

(dblue) #5

:smashed: :blink:
Of course… this makes way more sense than typing out all those goddamn embed tags :)

Here’s mine:…;view=favorites

(Moss) #6

How do you EMBED videos?
DBLUE I be loving that ERNIE and BERT video…wicked.
I meant videos more like this…and just posting your favourites is LAZY…although i will be checking them later on. :)
P.I.S.S - i will never go to school
Dramatic Lemur
Chocolate 8 BIT REMIX----wicked
Matrix Karate
Darth Vader Being a Wanker

(dblue) #7  

(Parasonic) #8

(Moss) #9

wicked, have now.

(prei26) #10


(Moss) #11

AAhhh, yeh i’ve seen that one…horrid :ph34r:
Rape through the medium of DANCE.

(choice) #12
This one is epic!
love watching these fluid simulation blender renders.
music vid, but too cool.
too messed up. width=400 height=345 wmode=transparent allowFullScreen=true[/embed]

(charlylinch) #13

I am trying not to laugh about this one…

I wonder what the blonde girl tells her family when she comes home from holiday. :D

(prei26) #14

there’s a lot more of it on youtube. and each video seems more ridiculous than the last. the girls enjoy it (i think), but they look a bit peeved when they are forced to eat massive dust :D
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(Dr. Drips) #15

I was planning to get some vids here but dblue posted them already, props for that version of the humans are dead! and also 3 other video’s that are in my fav.

(BYTE-Smasher) #16

Hey SJP, I want to make you make HORSEY NOISES

(agent220) #17

(Moss) #18

Owh, :angry: not available in my country…wtf is that about. :drummer:

(Johann) #19

This cracks me up every single time I watch it, thanks so much :lol:

(Achenar) #20