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Nice!! All this time I used the convolution reverb for unique reverbs

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Yeah, there’s tons more you can with it. Suuuper useful device

Yet another good one!

I’ve had a lot of fun & success with using animal sounds as impulse response. I especially like to use snarls & growls on percussive sounds. I find it gives them a bit more texture. Was one of the less obvious ways I snuck in a cat into my submission to MBC14. :smiley_cat:


just wanted to say, these tutorials are extremely amazing and severely helpful. I thank you very much for doing stuff like this. Keep up the great stuff!!!


Thanks! Will do :metal::alien:


hey all, it’s been a minute, but hoping to get back in the swing of making videos more regularly again.
Yes, it’s another sidechain method video, lol, but I think this is the way to go for sidechain ducking (for me at least - maybe for you, too!)

here are the files for free for forum peepz if you want to try this method out
KeyTracked Sidechain.xrnt (9.4 KB)
SC RECEIVER.xrdp (6.5 KB)

peace :v::alien:


Very cool! I mostly use the signal follower to “side-chain”, which works but it can be a hassle to get it to behave the way I want. I tried the keytracking method once and didn’t get it to work. Suspect that might have been due to it receiving the same data over and over again. Gonna try that random input. Thanks MrZensphere!

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