Cannot insert FX Chain between "FX Chain 01" and "None&#34

(It-Alien) #1

rightclicking any FX Chain in the list allows to insert a new one after it ("Insert FX Chain, LCTRL+T).

however, this is not true for the “None” entry.

now, since you can’t rearrange chains (soemthing which would be very handy and will be the subject of a specific request) and cannot use Send Meta-Device to send to chains which are “up” in the list, there is no way to send anything to the first created FX chain (“FX Chain 01”)

List of feature suggestions for Renoise
(Achenar) #2

Seems right-clicking isn’t enabled for None, but if you left-click on None, then Ctrl+T or use the + button at the bottom you can insert a new set below it. Being able to re-order the sets would be a great idea as well.

(It-Alien) #3

oh thanks Achenar! then it is definitely possible to insert an FX Chain at the first slot, thanks!

still a bug that it is not possible to do it via the rightclick menu; I’m editing the topic title

(taktik) #4

“+” button on the bottom works just fine too.

(It-Alien) #5

there is an already opened request for chains rearranging by afta8

(catchpharse) #6

Hi there,

I made a small script for moving mod and fx chains around.

Find it here, if you like!

Happy tracking!