Dead Dog'S Renoise Competition Round 13

Voting is over. Congratulations are due to The Bellows. Well done mate.

And well done and thank you to all that entered!

  1. Uav
  2. Rhowaldt
  3. Beat Fuhrer
  4. Cocoa
  5. E.H.V.A.H. SDC
  6. DubKidFlash
  7. Zeyoungz
    8. TheBellows
  8. Mammoth
  9. Brokenbike

Tracking time over, time to vote for your favourite. Please remember the requirement of a Break(down) and arpeggio and pitch slide commands when listening and voting.

Deadline for voting is 12noon Thursday 12th May 2011

Soundcloud set (wont embed as it doesn’t work for sets):
DDRC13 Soundcloud Set

Download pack with xrns files:
(Please note Brokenbike’s late entry is NOT in this pack but can be found below.)

I trust everybody to vote for their favourite and not be swayed by knowing who it’s by or it came in late due to technical difficulties (you can choose yourself not to vote for it if you don’t like its inclusion even if you think it’s actually the best at the end of the day) so here is Brokenbike’s entry.


Tempo: Any
Genre: Any
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: None.
Basic Rules: Renoise only. All features, functions, DSPs etc of Renoise allowed. Samples provided only.
Additional Rules:You have to use the Renoise arpeggio (00xy) & pitch slide up/down (01xx/02xx) commands somewhere in the song. There has to be one drum break used somewhere in the song.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. Audio file accepted, preferably mp3 at 320kbs; other encodings and rates acceptable. .XRNS submissions also accepted, preferably alongside a audio file but in isolation only (allowing Demo users to join in.) Would be extra nice if people can provide both.

Deadline: 12pm (Noon) UK times this Thursday 5th May 2011.

This time sample pack has been provided by the rule-setter, not randomly generated by myself. Please get it here:

Please make sure to note the Additional Rules section! How creatively a Break can be incorporated may be a point of discussion for the thread (from that given wording I would say using a break to modulate a parameter via a Signal Follower but not having the audio itself audible conforms to the rule but really DubKidFlash is the only one who can give definitive clarification on the matter.)

Happy tracking.

yeah, i wondered that as well. also, i am assuming the use of the arpeggio and pitchslides need to be at least audible somewhere, right? otherwise i’d just do a 2-line pitchslide and arpeggio and be done with it :)

I’m back and shame on me, I’m a 00xy virgin!
Good luck all!

Re: The Drum Break.

Downloading and listening to the sample pack I think I misunderstood at first, and have thus striked-out the related comment in the first post.

By Drum Break I now think it is referring to a drum break-down/solo, like what most of the breaks commonly used originally came from, rather than using a provided break in your piece. So please try and work a drum break/solo into your piece (sure DKF will confirm with us shortly.)

HQ sample pack btw!

This sounds fun, count me in! :)

Not shure about this drum break thing though, but i was just thinking “beats and breaks” if that makes any sense?

I use arpeggio alot, but i usally use 05 glide instead of the pitch commands, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.
I remeber the first attempts of using the arpeggio i had no clue what was going on, so it can be a bit frustrating for beginners i imagine.
One important fact about the arpeggio is that it’s based on the song speed, try to slow down the BPM or Lines/Beat and you will notice the arpeggio will slow down aswell.
I often work at 140bpm and Lines 8 and that makes the arpeggio run way too fast to work the way i want it to.

Nice sample pack, but i need to upgrade my renoise from the 1.5 to make the instruments work, well i had to do that sooner or later anyhow. :rolleyes:

sorry about not specifying on the drum break but yeah pretty much i think everyone has posted what I meant lol :D
in a nutshell basically using the drums samples i meant just have like a “drum break-down/solo” thingy

& for the arp/pitch commands yup they have to audible ;) have fun.

Any tutorial on the pitch and arp subject?

This tutorial touches on it at least.

First of all you need to know that effect commands uses hexadecimal numbers. I’m not shure about the best way to explain it, but i’ll give it a go.
Normally using the everyday decimal system you would count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13…, in this system the base is 10.
But in hexadecimal the base is 16, so where as 5 is half of 10 in the decimal system, 8 is half of 10 in the hexadecimal system.
Using the hexadecimal system in renoise you need to count like this: 01-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-0a-0b-0c-0d-0e-0f-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-1a-1b-1c-1d-1e-1f-20-21…

The pitch effect is quite simple, effect 01xx (where xx is a number between 00-ff, the higher the number the more it will pitch up) effect 02xx (the opposite of 01, pitches down).
You place these effect commands after any sample in your pattern track and it will pitch. If you want to pitch a sample in C4 tone to C#4 you need to write the command 0110, if you want to pitch to C5 you need to write 01c0 (c0 = 12 tones which is one octave)

The Arpeggio is a bit difficult to explain, i have no idea why it works like it does, but what i figured out is this:
Let’s say you want to arpeggiate a clean waveform pitched to C4, you may for instance write the pattern command 007c. 00 is the arpeggio command, 7 is seven tones up and c is 12 tones up.
What you will hear from this single line of pattern command, “C4 007c”, is c4-g4-c5-c4-g4-c5. If you wrote “C4 003a” the sequence would be c4-d#4-a#4-c4-d#4-a#4.
Each line will produce a six step sequence within it’s own line, so it depends on the speed of your song how fast the sequence will go.

This 6 step sequence isn’t exactly right because it sounds like there is a minor offset that makes the first initial tone a bit shorter than the rest and the sequence ends with the initial tone so the pitch of the sample won’t change if you left an open space on the next line in your track.

Good luck! :)

thanks for those explainations!

I have one question: can I abuse of the render selection to sample or not? (I already did this for my last participation) because it’s like I’m building new samples from the original ones, so is it considered like my own samples or not ?

Generally this is fine and was thinking it may be of use for using the arpeggio command.

What I would request is if sections are rendered you keep a pattern (which you may want to set to different BPM, LPB and TPL than the main song) and just not have it in the played list… Actually that doesn’t quite work as it would be deleted after the Delete Unused Patterns I always run before uploading people’s submissions. Maybe junk patterns at the start and label first real pattern and Song Start or something…

yeah, i ran into that problem too. i usually work at 360bpm and lines 8.

that’s mainly why I will abuse of “render selection to sample”

Hehe, me too, I usually start at 140 and 12, the arpeggio command didn’t make any sense to me without TheBellows’ explanation. Thanks!

And also once again thanks to kazakore, this competition makes me learn so much – I would never have the discipline to do that on my own. I highly recommend participating (or at least lurking) here to any renoise noob. DL the sample packs, DL the xrns results, study examples how things can be done. And have fun trying new stuff, like the arpeggio command… Et cetera… ;)

definitely. in fact, i make it a point to recommend joining this compo to each noob looking for advice, simply because you learn so much by doing, and this compo has a very low entry-level (‘just make something out of these sounds, using Renoise’ - 9 out of 10 times) and because of the mandatory samples and stuff forces you to think in different ways.

also, recently i thought about what i’d do if i could set the rules (been competing for so many rounds and still haven’t won!), and i figured probably one of the best things would be to do a mandatory Renoise feature, specifically one that you suspect is not used by many people. that way, there’s winners on both sides: the contestant wins by gaining new experience with the software, and the developers win because people will start to appreciate and use more of their software (even more so because this compo allows for demo-users to join in).

now, for me, the weekend has landed and i will start exploring the arpeggio command!

I have been tracking whole day now and like Ed Wood says: “That’s a wrap!”

i’ve almost finished Beatles Rock Band in Career Mode today, Hard. then, at 22.00, i went for a walk with the dogs. came home, took a leak, rolled one up (for the uninitiated, that means “smook s’m f’cknnnnn wiiieed”); - then went a-trackin’. mugs are whistling around my head, but no worries, the headphones are on so they cannot hurt my ears.
now then.
i’ve got some - goddamn MUG ON MY NOSE!!!1!11!!#!1!!#1!!!

i’ve got some cool stuff going here, but i need to use the arpeggio-command. the BPM is fighting with the arpeggio-command, and i desperately want both. but the arpeggio-command is a little bitch who won’t go any damn faster, so i tried doing, i don’t know, a ‘sweep’ (so 128 lines of random arpeggio-code). sounded ok, i decided i wanted to try it more gradual, so i tried interpolating.

did not work.

posted this bug-report:

but, as you can clearly read there, this is intended behaviour, and it sucks, whether vV will see any value in my methods, or try to steal as you should with awesome ideas like that, or whether not.
however, this being the famed Dead Dog Renoise Competition (in its 13th round no less!), i decided i should learn from all the crap i need to deal with in life, and do what kazakore (the equally famed inventor of this magnificent competition) would do. improvise.

anyway, the rest is history, and i’ve been almost typing more than i have been tracking now, so i really should get moving. great samplepack, great rules, i still have to listen to your winning entry, but i believe you have deserved it effdeekaa.

Random code has never done it for me in the arpeggio compartment, what i do to make it sound smoother is to take the last digit code in one line and use it as the first one in the next line.
Like in this example:
c4 0037
… 007c
… 00c7
… 0073
… 0037
… 007c
… 00c7
… 0073

Random is for lazy people! :P

hey, good one, hadn’t thought of doing it that way. will try that one out tonight, after i get home from the Queensday festivities here in Holland.