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Every tracker I’ve used has mouse support allows for deletion of highlighted notes. The ability to use delete key for both individual notes/effects and selections would be very much appreciated. Apple x/ctrl x or other keybinds work but it feels pretty hacky and switching between Renoise and Famitracker or any other tracker can be pretty annoying. A few other users in communities I’m in have mentioned this being an issue for them too. Aside from this I really love Renoise and all the features.
(I’m aware that this has been mentioned before, but it’s been more than a decade so rather than commenting on a dead topic I thought I’d make a new one.)

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As “workaround”, you can use the cut function in the context menu or in the advanced pattern editor toolbar on the right.

Btw. if you have found older threads about this, you can link them in your post. I also do this in my requests, when i’m creating new posts. :slight_smile:

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shift + delete does solve this if i understood your question

Yeah, that would have been useful!

Some quick tips:

  1. Learn how to use keyboard commands. [SHIFT + DEL] is the most direct command for this.
  2. If you don’t like the above, learn to create tools with LUA. This specific operation can be solved with a direct function, invoked from “~ Delete” with a right click and on “Selection”.

Renoise users can not only use it, they can also extend it with LUA and the available API.

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I did mention the cut function, and I’m also aware of shift + delete (the default keybind). It’d just be a lot more conducive to workflow to have delete work for both notes and block editing like other trackers. I’m not at all adapt at programming so unfortunately I won’t be using LUA any time soon, heh.

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